5 Best Tips to Create a Good Impression for a Successful First Date


5 Best Tips to Create a Good Impression for a Successful First Date : There’s so much written about first dates! The amount of content is literally infinite. Nevertheless, people somehow manage to fail to make a nice impression during the initial meeting. In most cases, it’s about their attitudes. And since we are not able to change your character, we have some general pieces of advice that will help you have a great first date.

1 Have a prior conversation


Asking out a girl may sometimes be a truly anxiety-provoking occasion. If you have not known each other for a while before going out, you should better have several short conversations in advance to understand each other better and create a basis for your future communication. It will be much easier to build the emotional bond between you two if you know a bit about each other. It should better be a telephone call and not text conversation. We know that the modern world is all about Internet communication but there’s something amazingly sincere about telephone talks.

2 Think of something both intimate and comfortable


Choosing the concept of your first meeting is indeed the most significant issue related to first-date preparations. If you chose dinner as, the venue should be both not too crowded and not too intimate. You see, girls are not always that open-minded about being alone with the man they just met. But a crowded place may also ruin the impression – you will just not be able to have a decent conversation. Screaming and trying hard to hear your interlocutor do not seem to be a success.

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3 Avoid questionable conversational topics


Trying too hard to make your conversation interesting, you may pick some arguable subjects. For instance, discussing politics and religion during the initial phase of your relationships is not the best idea – you may perhaps have totally different points of view. Likewise, girls don’t really like talking about exes – not her neither yours. If you are not aware of what’s happening in her family, we also recommend you to be careful with this topic. You may unintentionally hurt her feelings

4 Kissing and touching


Physical contact is quite an underestimated method of making your relationship work. Sit a bit closer to touch her thigh with yours, help her wear coat and touch her shoulders, give her a hand when you walk down the stairs. Kissing on the first date is a problematic moment – you need to feel whether your prospective girlfriend is ready for it or not.

5 Don’t over do it


First-date success is all about finding balance in what you are doing. This meeting should not be too long or too short. Compliments and admiration are great, but overdoing it might look artificial and just creepy. Don’t go for too expensive venues – but choosing corner coffee shops is not going to work either.

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