5 Reasons Why Retainers After Braces are a Must


5 Reasons Why Retainers After Braces are a Must: So, you’ve finally reached the end of your orthodontic treatment and your flawless smile is making all those months of perseverance seem worth it. But there are a few things that you would need to do in order to maintain the position of your newly aligned teeth. One of these steps is to wear retainers after braces.

5 Reasons Why Retainers After Braces are a MusIf you do not wear a retainer after braces, your teeth will revert to their pre-braces state. If you ignore the retainer, you may experience an orthodontic relapse that will necessitate extensive treatment to correct. The teeth will shift in the years following braces removal, but the extent of the shift will be determined by how frequently you wear the retainers.

Retainers after braces can help with your orthodontic treatment in the following ways:

They Strengthen Your Bite

When your braces are removed, the soft tissue and bone surrounding your teeth require time to adjust to the changes in tooth positioning. They gradually settle into their new arrangement, and once that happens, the chances of relapse or the teeth shifting out of place are slim. This is where retainers after braces can help you.

They keep room for wisdom teeth and new teeth

Preteens and teenagers, whose bodies are still developing, are the most likely to wear braces. As a result, they would use retainers after braces for teeth around the time that wisdom teeth erupt. When they use the retainer diligently, the necessary space in their jaw will be maintained to accommodate new teeth. Consistent use of retainers after braces prevents teeth from shifting or crowding due to a lack of space.

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They help avoid treatment reversal 

In the months following the removal of braces, the teeth will begin to shift back to their original position. Using retainers after braces can keep the reversal from happening. However, depending on your circumstances, you may be required to wear a retainer for several years.

They align the jawbones with the gums

When your teeth are realigned to a new position, the gums and bones that surround them take longer to adjust. Wearing retainers after braces aids in the acceleration of alignment and the stabilisation of your bite.

They aid in the retention of tooth position

When you use braces to close gaps in your teeth, it will take longer for the teeth to stabilise. This is true even for severely displaced teeth, as well as large overbites and underbites. It is critical to keep the teeth that need to be moved a long distance or repositioned firmly in their new spaces until the mouth can adapt to these changes. This is aided by using retainers after braces.

The average period for wearing removable retainers after braces removal is at least 12 months, and you may have to wear your retainer full time for the first 4-6 months.

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However, each orthodontic treatment is unique, and the length of time you must wear your retainer depends on the type of orthodontic correction you have received.

Whether you opt for traditional braces or transparent braces, wearing a retainer would be required to get the best results from your orthodontic treatment. However, we recommend opting for transparent braces as they are considered more effective in treating a variety of misalignment issues.

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