5 ways to motivate and inspire your team  to perform better during the quarantine period


5 ways to motivate and inspire your team  to perform better during the quarantine period:  The world is currently in the midst of unprecedented and one of the most challenging times in history.

5 ways to motivate and inspire your team to perform better during the quarantine period

Due to  the pandemic and the lockdown, our routines and livelihoods seem to have been changed drastically and most of us are still trying to adjust to our new routines. Most businesses, have asked their employees to Work from Home.

Here the leaders have to play an important role and have to motivate their employees to work for the continuity of the business.  Listed below  are 5 important and easy  ways to motivate and inspire your team/employees to perform better during the quarantine period.

Mental Health Matters 

The quarantine time is very hard and challenging but all of us our together in this. However they are some people who aren’t able to cope up with this period due to various reasons like anxiety, family commitments, mood swings, eating disorders etc. As a leader you must learn to acknowledge those emotions and give a hearing ear to those employees, this help the employees to work better and it will also bring out the effective leadership skills and abilities that you have as a leader.

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Conversations Matters 

Apart from acknowledging your team members’ emotions, it is important to regularly communicate with them.  The technology is so advanced that there are so many apps which can help in being in touch with our team members. Decide a time, block your schedule and talk to your team daily,  discuss their tasks for the day, difficulties they faced in achieving their goals.

Acknowledge/Appreciate their efforts 

From a executive to the senior level manager, everyone is contributing in their own way to the organization. Being a team leader you must appreciate/acknowledge  their efforts and their work. This acknowledgement/appreciation would motivate them to do better.  Acknowledgement is a form of reward which drives people to increase their efforts and contribute further.


Any organization requires transparent communication and business processes.  A leader must make sure that the transparency is maintained. This transparency helps the employees to feel connected with the employees.

Being approachable

A leader must always practice being approachable. When your team or an employee needs help during any stress/complication of a work they must not think twice before they approach. You should be the first one to come to their mind for help during difficulty. Being approachable is one the most important qualities of a good leader.

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Ms.Shalini Bhattacharya, Founder & Executive Leadership Coach,White Ray Coaching


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