60 docs attend Max Hospital, IMA CME on coronary diseases at Palampur


Max Hospital ImageNewZNew (Palampur) : As many as 60 eminent doctors from region attended a Continue Medical Education (CME) on ‘Rising Menace of Coronary Disease & Current Management Guidelines’  at Hotel T Bud , Palampur last night . The CME was conducted by Max Super Specialty Hospital (MSSH), Mohali in association with Indian Medical Association (IMA) Palampur.

dr 1 During occasion, Dr. Deepak Puri, Director, Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery, MSSH spoke on the ‘Rising incidence of Coronary Artery disease whereas Dr. Amit Gupta, Consultant, CTVS, MSSH talked on ‘Managing acute MI : do we need to change our practices’.

Dr Chain Singh, President –IMA, Palampur felicitated the doctors and thanked them for their engaging talks.

Dr Puri informed that Ischemic heart disease due to blockage in coronary arteries by deposition of cholesterol was now a leading cause of death globally. According to WHO prediction, India was going to be the coronary capital of the world by 2020. This disease in absence of controllable risk factors was also striking younger people thus causing severe consequences as compared to the western population.”

Dr. Puri said that coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery and percutaneous coronary intervention (stenting) were the common revascularization options. However during the last two decades both technologies have undergone major advances. Off-pump the beating heart surgery techniques has also become very popular in India. Minimally invasive techniques and Robotics have made bypass surgery less traumatic with cosmetic results, asserted Dr. Puri.

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“Percutaneous intervention has also evolved from balloon angioplasty to bare-metal stent technology and then drug-eluting stent technology. It now addressed the issue of in-stent restenosis (stent blockage) and stent thrombosis (clot formation). Drug eluting stent technology has progressed tremendously and was in its third generation of devices with advance in the stent platform, the polymer coating and the anti-proliferative agent which was eluted to prevent early stent blockage.”

It has been proven that CABG should remain the standard of treatment for complex  blockages, and diabetic patients even with simple blockages besides patients with  less function of left chamber of heart, informed Dr. Puri.

or less complex disease stenting  was an acceptable alternative but should not be recommended in the above mentioned conditions.  All patients with complex multivessel disease should be therefore  reviewed by both a Cardiac Surgeon and Interventional Cardiologist in what was now called the Heart Team Approach, maintained Dr Puri.


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