Shobhaa Dè launches Wild Flower Sea by 17 year old Arnav Sibal


All sale proceeds of the book to go to ‘Akshara’ for charitable cause

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Eminent writer and columnist Shobhaa Dè launched the book ‘Wild Flower Sea’, written by young and sensitive Arnav Sibal, published by Hay House publishers India at CII Northern Region Headquarters in sector 31 A, here today.

Though Arnav Sibal, also known as The Poet in Pyjamas, lives in his own utopian world but he also cherishes the reality voyage that is life.

17 years old, he is driven to explore, to fail and ultimately learn, something that keeps his family and his teachers in a constant state of worry. He believes that it will be a long time before he finds himself and that is why he cannot leave any opportunity for adventure. Driven by the idiosyncrasies of life, he says that every person is an ocean with numerous islands of ideas. Some express while some do not. Writing is his means of expression.

Although a good communicator, he says “It is through the black ink on white paper that I prefer to convey detailed multi-coloured paintings to my fellow people. At least I try my best”.

Wild Flower Sea is a combination of his ideas and keen observations on life and its many hues. According to Arnav, the book is a sea of ‘wildflowers’ which symbolise ideas, hence the name – Wildflower Sea. Moved by life’s quirkiness, even the tiniest wave rocks him and he pens it down. The poems, short stories, and tapestries in this book are dear to him because the events that transpired moved him. They are the wind in his sails. On one hand, he has written about the most serious events like his great grandfather being on a ventilator and on the other hand, the simplest things like an ornament in his aunt’s washroom. But there is learning from everything, he has written about.

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This anthology is the gift of wind to you. We all learn something from each other. These events stirred him. He hopes they move you too.

The book is dedicated to the author’s librarian in grade 1 at the International School of Brussels, Mr. Jeffrey Brewster. The author credits Mr. Brewster for introducing him to the world of words and stories. The author also credits his Nana for helping him make the book a reality.

The proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Akshara, a social impact initiative of Mahindra United World College, Pune, to support rural education with special emphasis on the girl child.

“After reading the book, I couldn’t believe that it’s a book written by a 17 year old boy. I could easily envisage it being written by a 35 year or a 70 year old person. The book is absolutely not from a child’s perspective; rather it’s from a perspective of a complete individual. Arnav is from a different space altogether”, shared Ms Shobaa De.

“I just marvelled reading the book, especially the last chapter where he beautifully and profoundly writes about a gardener who plants different types of flowers at different seasons with different reasons. The reader can imagine himself to be the gardener and learn from Arnav how to lead one’s life. One needs tremendous courage to write from so many perspectives like he does about his first kiss, or about a young girl replying to his boyfriend’s letter etc. He is lucky to have found it at this young age”, she added.

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About the Author

Arnav Sibal is currently pursuing the International Baccalaureate at the United World College Mahindra and wants to study Psychology and Communications in university. He is an avid reader and a Jazz lover. He has too many white t-shirts in his cupboard and too much LEGO on his shelf.

An explorer at heart, a foodie by habit, a musician by mind and a poet by structure, he calls himself weird. His friends, unhesitatingly, agree.


Akshara is the local social-impact initiative of UWC Mahindra College, started in 2005 with the generous donations from the college’s alumni, faculty and friends. The organization’s mission is to empower rural youth and children (with an emphasis on the girl child) by providing them access to educational opportunities and personal support. In the near-decade of its existence, Akshara has provided rural youth in the communities surrounding the college with after-school educational support to help them achieve independence and find employment in vocational and professional fields. Today, Akshara serves more than 500 people in seven villages, including elementary students, pre-university/college-level students, and Adivasi and tribal adults. In addition to education support, Akshara has also branched out into the fields of social entrepreneurship, counselling and community engagement. Read more about Akshara here:

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  1. great stuff!!! don’t know where you got the inspiration which drove you to look at life from such a disregarded perspective. Proudly admit that I’m inspired by your way of life (though I’m slightly over two years elder to you); of being adventurous and viewing stuff from a point of view that may never have arisen in minds of far too many people)


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