651 People Challaned, Rs 39255 Fine Imposed under COTPA – ADC



NewZNew (Bathinda) : Implementing the state government’s stricture that controls use of tobacco and its products, the Bathinda district has issued challans to 651 people and collected Rs 39255 as fine imposed under Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) till November 2014.

Challans-620x330The ADC (development) Mrs Sonali Giri said this while presiding over meeting of District Task Force stake holders under the Tobacco Control Act today. ADC, who is also the chairperson of District Task Force, strictly directed the stake holders including officers from PRTC, Municipal Corporation Bathinda, Block Development Officers, executive officers of municipal councils, police officers and others to implement the various sections of act effectively.

She said that the every department should issue at least ten challans each. She also appealed people to not use tobacco for keeping cancer and TB at an arms length. She directed the education department officials to ensure that the school children are educated about COTPA Act so that they can spread awareness amongst their families, neighborhood and relatives.

She added that departments can seek police help, whenever needed, while issuing the challans. The act is meant for prohibiting the usage of tobacco in order to curb second hand smoking, keep children away from the tobacco and provide non-smokers a healthier air to breathe. Under the act, tobacco or its products could not be sold within 100 m radius of an educational institution. Also selling tobacco or its products to children below 18 years is an offence.

Discussing report of the year 2014 till the month of November she said that in month of January 64 people were penalized and Rs 5150 fine was collected. Similarly in February 78 people were challaned and Rs 4640 fine was collected. In the month of March 45 people were challaned and Rs 2450 fine was collected. In April 39 people were challaned and Rs 2600 fine was collected. In May 65 people were challaned and Rs 6010 fine was collected, in June 51 people were challaned and Rs 3400 fine was collected, in July 86 people were challaned and Rs 3430 fine was collected, in August 30 people were challaned and Rs 1950 fine was collected, in September 55 people were challaned and Rs 4390 fine was collected, in October 111 people were challaned and Rs 4075 fine was collected and in the month of November 27 people were challaned and Rs 1160 fine was collected.

The district assistant nodal officer-cum-assistant civil surgeon Dr Rajkumar said that school students are being trained regarding this. The teachers and students are shown slides regarding ill effects of tobacco.

Month Fine collected People challaned
January 5150 64
February 4640 78
March 2450 45
April 2600 39
May 6010 65
June 3400 51
July 3430 86
August 1950 30
September 4390 55
October 4075 111
November 1160 27