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75th Annual Samagam of Sant Nirankari Mission to be held from November 16 to 20

75th Annual Samagam of Sant Nirankari Mission to be held from November 16 to 20: Spirituality and Humanity will see the perfect communion and microcosm of Universal brotherhood in the 75th Annual Samagam of Sant Nirankari Mission from November 16 to November 20.

75th Annual Samagam of Sant Nirankari Mission to be held from November 16 to 20On September 18, Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, officially inaugurated the Samagam Sewa at the Nirankari Spiritual Complex, Samalkha with a ground breaking ceremony. This information is given by Chandigarh Sanyojak There upon, thousands of devotees and Sewadal volunteers have contributed day and night towards the preparation of the Samagam – a multitude of gathering with a solitude vision.

Samagam description

Venue: Like earlier years, the venue of the 75th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam is Mission’s Sant Nirankari Spiritual Complex, Samalkha, Haryana which is spread over about 600 acres. In recent days, the venue of the Samagam, with all the lights and preparations, has been the center of attraction for every passerby commuting on the GT Road.

Expected Devotees: In view of the earlier trend, around eight to ten lakh devotees and other God-loving people from almost all parts of India with an addition of 2500 delegates from abroad are expected to participate in the Samagam during these days.

Sewadal Volunteers: From the gestation period to the successful management of the entire 4-day Samagam, around 1,50,000 members would be contributing day in and out to make it a blessed one.

Health: The Medical and Social Welfare Department of the Sant Nirankari Mandal will have 9 dispensaries including 5 Allopathic and 4 Homeopathic. Furthermore, there will be an arrangement of 14 primary health centers, 1 Chiropractic treatment of Orthopedic (Neuro) chronic patients and 4 acupressure /physiotherapy dispensaries. A team of about 60 doctors will put up their health camp for Chiropractic treatment of Orthopedic (Neuro) chronic patients, a team of 100 doctors from Allopathic and a team of 40 doctors from Homeopathic will be serving at the Dispensaries and Health Centres on the Samagam ground. Apart from this, around 300 people will be present as Paramedical Staff.

Ambulance: There will be 12 Ambulances from Sant Nirankari Mandal and 20 Ambulances from Haryana Government would be stationed to attend any emergency. Apart from this, arrangements to take people to nearby hospitals of Panipat, Sonipat and Delhi would also be available 24×7.

Security Arrangements: The security arrangement on the venue of the Samagam ground has been made by Haryana Government wherein there are 50 check posts created in different parts of the ground. The volunteers of sewadal are all ready and available to contribute towards traffic control with all alertness, there have been cautious measures to see women do not face any challenges and everything is run in a fair and disciplined way. Like every year, special duty volunteers will be posted to ensure safety measures are intact during the event.

Canteen: The Complex has been divided into four parts. There will be total of 22 canteens. Apart from this, 4 extended canteen booths have been arranged for the comfort of the visitors to provide tea, coffee, cold drinks and snacks. Mineral water will also be available at these canteens.

Langar: Langar will be prepared and served in every part of the Samagam ground. There will be 5 machines to prepare Chapatis, while every other service will be rendered by Sewadal volunteers and other devotees round the clock. Every care is being taken to ensure cleanliness so much so that Langar will be served in steel plates.

Transport Arrangement: Like every year, appreciable transportation arrangements have been made with the help of Indian Railways. The Transport Department has provided shuttle services to help saints coming from outside to reach the Samagam venue from all the arrival points at IGI airport, various stations including Old Delhi, New Delhi, Hazrat Nizamuddin, Anand Vihar,  Sarai Rohilla and Subzi Mandi, as also the Kashmere Gate, and Sarai Kale Khan ISBT. Besides this, transport facility will be available to devotees getting down at Bhodwal Majri, Sonipat and Panipat Railway Stations also.

Parking Arrangement: Sufficient parking arrangements have been made by the transport department with close co-ordination of sewadal across the ground for the convenience of participants. Guests would be facilitated with parking facilities close to the Satsang Pandal for their comfort.

The History of Sant Nirankari Mission: Sant Nirankari Mission is connecting human being with spirituality since 1929. It had its formal beginning on 25 May 1929. In 1948, Baba Avtar Singh Ji, the second Satguru of the Mission, established, Sant Nirankari Mission and the first Samagam was held under his blessings. Since then, a series of Annual Niranakari Sant Samagams are being held. In 1962, Mission’s third Satguru Baba Gurubachan Singh Ji continued the message of Truth, Love and Oneness which was reiterated by Baba Hardev Singh Ji since 1980 and was further carried on by Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji. From 2018, the present Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj as the sixth Spiritual Head of the Mission is carrying the same message with renewed energy and zeal.

75th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam: With the theme of “Spirituality and Humanity Hand in Hand”, the 75th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam is being held with unparallel divinity and exuberance. Spirituality and Humanity has special importance in every human being’s life and the Samagam wishes to invoke the same spark. This is the sole aim behind organizing the Annual Sant Samagam.

Nirankari Pradarshini has been categorically divided into 6 parts:

  1. Nirankari Pradarshini: Just behind the Main Pandal, a `Nirankari Pradarshini’ is being exhibited, which will be devoted to the theme of the Samagam–‘Spirituality and Humanity Hand in Hand’. The Nirankari Pradarshini will showcase the history, ideology and various activities such as annual and regional Samagams, spiritual tours by Satguru Mata Ji in India and abroad and the contributions made by the Mission throughout its journey starting from the year 1929.  Hundreds of artists, artisans and other volunteers are rendering their voluntary services for giving a final look to the Exhibition.
  2. Studio Divine: Studio Divine Exhibition of the Mission is showcasing several productions like News Divine, Kids Divine, Voice Divine, Bhakti Sangeet, Soul Vibes and Mehfil-e-Ruhaaniat. The Exhibition guides assist the visitors how to access these productions and link various social media handles of the Mission. During the year, Sant Nirankari Mission has also launched “SNM App” through which devotees and other God Loving people can enjoy live telecast, studio productions, devotional songs, e-books and magazines on their mobile itself. One can download the SNM App and make use of the same and feel blessed.

The Exhibition also presents documentaries depicting history of the Mission and its various activities since 1929. It also showcases the social welfare activities carried out by Nirankari Sewadal during Covid Pandemic and other natural calamities.

  1. Bal Pradarshini: As a part of the Main Exhibition, there will be a separate section on ‘Bal Pradarshini’ which will exhibit models, cutouts, pictures, drawings and other objects to present the main theme of the Samagam.  The Bal Pardarshini is primarily based on plays, skits, animated documentaries and games; all prepared and planned by children to highlight various principles of the Mission as understood by children.
  2. The Health and Social Welfare Department Exhibition: Apart from Nirankari Pradarshini, there will be a separate section of exhibition of the health and social welfare department of the Sant Nirankari Mandal which will also depict their contributions to the society during the 90 years journey of the Mission. This section will present its contribution made through various drives on tree-plantation, cleanliness, blood donation camps, youth and women empowerment activities and service to the needy people affected by the natural calamities like flood, earthquake, fire etc.

The Nirankari Pradarshini will remain open for devotees of the Mission and other visitors from the evening of 14th November, 2022 till 23rd November, 2022 to see and feel blessed.

  1. Theatre: During the Samagam, the Mission’s theatre will show documentaries on the history of the Mission, an attempt will be made to guide human beings to become a better version of themselves and improve life by adoption of divine virtues being taught by the Mission.
  2. Design Studio: The design studio will present a collection of various banners, backdrops and other material used by them during the year at various events. Developments made by the Mission during the last 75 years is also being showcased.

Nirankari Publications

The Publication Production and Distribution Department will put up 20 stalls including 2 in Sant  Nirankari  Colony, from where the devotees will be able to collect the Mission’s literature, photographs, DVD’s, Diary, Calendar, Samagam Souvenir and other publication materials. This year, the publication department has made available Hardev Bani, in English, Punjabi and Telugu, which was recently released for Humanity.

As has been in previous years, this year also, the Magazine section of the mandal is coming out with souvenir on the theme of the Samagam – Spirituality and Humanity Hand in Hand. An annual addition of Ek Nazar has also been released by the Magazine Department on the occasion of the Samagam.

Waste Management

The Sant Nirankari Mandal has made extra arrangement for waste management during the Samagam.

Social Welfare

Along with spiritual awakening the Mission is devoting itself to the service of humanity in several ways. Today the Mission is one of the leading blood donating voluntary organizations in the country. Starting from 1986, the Mission has organized 7359 blood donation camps and donated 12,16,217 units of  blood so far.

The Mission is running four hospitals and 133 dispensaries and nine pathological laboratories, all functioning on charitable basis. The hospitals are located in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Agra, while dispensaries are spread across the country. The Mission also organizes camps for cataract surgery, health check-up, heart check-up, anemia control, etc. from time to time. The Mission is going to set up a full-fledged Sant Nirankari Health City in Delhi. It has one Blood Bank in Vile Parle in Mumbai.

The Mission is running Tailoring and Embroidery Training Centres to help the widows and other needy women to stand on their own feet. The youth are also provided empowerment through various vocational training centers like computer training and communication skills.

During Covid 19, the various Nirankari Satsang Bhawans were converted to Covid vaccination centers and have also been used as quarantine centers to help out the local administrations wherein various people were treated and helped out. These social welfare activities are being carried out by the Mandal.

The 75th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam rejuvenates the Humanity by presenting a live picture of spirituality with humanity hand in hand.

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