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A Colorful Affair: Celebrate the essence of Holi on ShareChat

A Colorful Affair: Celebrate the essence of Holi on ShareChat: Known for bringing cultures and people together, ShareChat, India’s leading multilingual social media platform, has organized a five-day mega campaign with fun-filled activities for the users to commemorate this essence of Holi, virtually.

A Colorful AffairScheduled from the 4th to the 8th of March, the users will be a part of a grand Holi celebration, with multiple engaging LIVE audio chatroom sessions, and audio games, along with specially curated content around the festival on the application.

More than 40 engaging LIVE audio chatroom sessions will be organized, centered around the significance of the festival, rituals, and traditions around the country. Apart from these sessions, the app will also be filled with colors and content on Holi and related festive topics such as skin care, holi jokes, holi songs, holi recipes among others.

The 5-day campaign, with fun-filled activities and content, will also take you through the celebrations across the country. Users will get to experience the vibe and flavors of Lathmar Holi of Mathura, Phoolowali Holi of Vrindavan, and Barsana ki Holi among others through a wide range of mythological stories, bhajans and more!

4th March – Users can enjoy various games and activities such as riddles, quizzes, and dumb charades with the central theme of ‘colors of life’

5th March – On this day, users will compete with each other to become the ‘Legend of Holi’.

6th March – On the third day of this extravagant Holi celebration user will engage in melodious music, with games such as Antakshari, Musical Chairs, and Karaoke on the platform.

7th March – This day will help us live through the spirit of the festival. Users will share insights into their rituals and routine of Holi from across the country to help understand the significance of the festival in different regions.

8th March – Last but not least, on the fifth day, users will get to celebrate Holi on the platform through fun contests and audio games like quizzes, antakshari, food parties, preparing recipes, and tongue twisters and enjoy some of the best songs of the festival.

Adding to the zeal of the festivities, ShareChat has also curated a set of quirky Holi related elements in the app.

In Audio ChatRooms:

  • Frames – you can use to decorate your profile picture like rang barse, jogira sarar, holi
  • Themes – that can give a new look to the chatroom backgrounds like colour splash and rangoli
  • Virtual gifts – the users can send to their favorite creators virtual gifts like gulal in thali, wishes, pichkari among others.

Across the app:

  • Stickers – that can be used across the platform such as Happy Holi, Holi Act, Holi Outfit, Holie Selfie. Holi with Family and Rang Panchami

Celebrate the vibrance of the festival only on the ShareChat app from the 4th to the 8th of March.

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CP Singh
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