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A Pandemic Pause: From Chandigarh to Global Sustainability Leadership

A Pandemic Pause: From Chandigarh to Global Sustainability Leadership: Parul Nagpal, also known as Kimmy in the tech realm, from Chandigarh, emerges as a global sustainability leader, showcasing a remarkable journey fueled by transformation and commitment.

A Pandemic Pause: From Chandigarh to Global Sustainability LeadershipRooted in Punjab Engineering College (PEC) Chandigarh, where she earned her BE degree, Kimmy’s evolution from e-commerce professional to environmental advocate symbolizes a profound shift triggered by a moment of realization during the pandemic.

Awakening Amidst Calm: During the tranquil ambiance of the COVID-19 lockdown, Kimmy’s epiphany unfolded amidst Chandigarh’s unusual serenity. Witnessing peacocks near her home, a rare sight in the bustling city, ignited her passion for environmental conservation and sustainability, propelling her towards a greener path.

A Pandemic Pause: From Chandigarh to Global Sustainability LeadershipA Leap of Faith: Driven by her newfound passion, Kimmy embarked on a new academic journey at 37, pursuing a second master’s degree in sustainability at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Her leadership blossomed as she assumed the presidency of the school’s Net Impact chapter, dedicated to fostering social and environmental change.

Global Impact: Kimmy’s influence transcended borders, with her research on economic drivers for 21 APEC countries post-COVID leading to a presentation at the APEC Business Advisory Council summit in Thailand in 2022. Recognized by international leaders, she was invited by Prime Minister James Marape of Papua New Guinea to discuss sustainable ecosystem development. Additionally, her contributions to IKEA’s circularity strategy in Malmo, Sweden, in 2023, significantly advanced global sustainability practices.

Pioneering Sustainability: Currently serving as the Senior Product Manager of Sustainability for Amazon devices in Silicon Valley, Kimmy leads Amazon’s initiative to minimize the environmental impact of consumer electronics. Her role focuses on reducing carbon emissions through innovative practices in manufacturing, usage, transportation, and disposal of electronics, setting new sustainability standards in the tech industry.

Chandigarh’s Pride: From Punjab Engineering College to the global arena, Kimmy’s journey embodies Chandigarh’s pride. Her transition from e-commerce to sustainability leadership serves as a role model, especially for women aspiring to make a difference in this crucial field.

Beacon of Inspiration: Kimmy’s narrative transcends personal success, inspiring aspiring environmentalists, particularly women, to pursue their passions in sustainability. Her story underscores the belief that it’s never too late to create a significant impact, motivating the youth to dream big and act for the greater good. Despite her global endeavors, Kimmy remains connected to her roots, demonstrating that impactful change can stem from one’s hometown.

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