Aashray organized a drawing competition at Sukhna Lake


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : For the purpose of Save Water on holi. As we already know that at the occasion of Holi, there is very much wastage of Water and Aashray is trying to convey this message to stop this wastage of water by organizing this event. In this event, Poor children have participated with full dedication and shown us their talent of Art.For their well being tried and to appreciate their efforts, there were two judges Mr. Rakesh Raseela and Radhe Shyam Sharma. Judge Mr. Rakesh Raseela had just won Jiyo Dil se MY FM award and except of this, He had already awarded and named in Guinness world record because of their blood donation around 122 times and he always attend the Aashray events for poor children. And Second Judge Radhe Shyam Sharma who has own academy in Sec 14 Panchkula at where he gives opportunities to artists who wants to learn more about art.  Aashray is working for the welfare of these children and has organized several programs for them. They will continue the noble work for these poor children.

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