“Aawaaz” a city based NGO paid its tributes to the journalists gunned down by the terrorist in Paris


NewZNew (Chandigarh – Kulbir Singh Kalsi) : “Aawaaz” a city based NGO paid its tributes at Sector 17, Plaza, Chandigarh, to the journalists who were gunned down by the terrorist in Paris yesterday, including editor of the magazine “Charlie Hebdo” and the police officers. Its a direct challenge to the media commitment to free expression. Aawaaz strongly condemn such heinous acts against the humanity and it’s a direct threat to free expression of speech.

Gaurav Goel, Advocate & Dr. Ashish Vashisht founder members of the Aawaaz said that media across the world should refuse to be cowed by violence. Our hearts are with the staff of Charlie Hebdo and their families. We know very few people go into comedy as an act of courage. A barbaric and unforgivable act, committed by uncivilized thugs hell-bent on stifling any dissent and criticism they deem unworthy.

Harjit Bhullar & JPS Bajwa said that although the shooting occurred at Charlie Hebdo, it was an attack on all journalists across the world. More than that it was an attack on democracy, because it was a direct offensive on a way of life, on freedom of speech, and on the storied tradition of speaking truth to power. Satire is an essential tool for revealing truths about our world. It must be protected in all its forms.

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Anoop Kumar & Dr. Akhilesh said that Charlie Hebdo is the child of May ’68, of the spirit of freedom and insolence. The Charlie Hebdo of the 1970s helped to form the critical spirit of a generation. By mocking the powers and the powerful. By laughing, sometimes uproariously, at the ills of the world. And always by defending the human individual and his universal values.

At this moment of grief Aawaaz stands in solidarity with the media.


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