Aditi eyes the small screen with Ganga


NewZNew (Mumbai) : Film actress Aditi Sharma has joined the telly show, Ganga, as the lead protagonist. Unlike most debutants on TV, Aditi chose to play a widow and will be seen in a de-glam avatar. Speaking about her look in the show, Aditi says, “You will see me wearing white saris throughout.

ADITI SHARMA GANGAIt’s an absolutely non-glamorous role — the character doesn’t use make-up or jewellery, which is very unlike the characters you see on television today. Normally, women on Indian TV are decked up with some 100-kg jewellery, and heavy saris. I sport one costume and the same hairstyle throughout the show. It’s a good change; while other actors have to keep changing outfits, this character is saving a lot of my time.”

Ruhana Khanna was already popular as Ganga, so how was it to step into her shoes? “Ruhana already has a fan following. Matching up to her performance is a challenge — it keeps me on my toes.”

The actress adds that initially she wasn’t too keen to be part of the show, but eventually decided to go ahead with it. She says, “I had been thinking of doing a TV show, but I wanted something that will be on air for a season or so. The production house suggested that I watch the show and then decide. Once I watched it, I loved it.”

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The team recently shot introductions for the new cast in Varanasi. For Aditi, it was like homecoming. She says, “The place is not new to me. My grandparents lived there and I have stayed there for a year and half. We shot at the ghats and took a boat ride. It was tough to shoot as the lanes are narrow and suddenly we would have a buffalo entering the shot, but the locals were co-operative and let us shoot on their terraces.”

We hear child actor Ruhanika Dhawan from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, was having a difficult time shooting the climax of her upcoming film Ghayal Once Again, since there was a car crash and fire involved. Our source says, “She got nervous because of the commotion and started crying. Sunny Deol who is directing the film immediately rushed to her side and comforted her and only resumed shooting once Ruhanika was ready.”


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