Advocate Viraj Patil Explains the Privacy Policy that is displayed on the websites of the companies


Advocate Viraj Patil Explains the Privacy Policy that is displayed on the websites of the companies: When you want to know the stock prices, what do you do?

Advocate Viraj Patil Explains the Privacy Policy

What do you do when you are out and want to know the cricket score?

Check the internet right!

Internet is no doubt the most powerful source of information!

Thanks to the internet, in just one click, we can get to know “What is the score of India?” “How is the stock market today?” and the list goes on!

We can also know, “Which restaurant our friend has been to today?” “Where has she gone for the summer holidays?”

Yes, information of all kinds is easily accessible because of the internet! All information is just a click away!

But doesn’t this pose a threat to one’s privacy?

Doesn’t this increase the risk of misusage of one’s personal information?

Though the internet has made it easier to access information, it has also endangered people’s privacy!

“Privacy is one of the essential rights of humans, and we all cherish it”, says Advocate Viraj Patil, the best advocate in Navi Mumbai.

Isn’t your privacy dear to you?

Would you like it if someone exploits your privacy or misuses your personal information?

No, right?

That’s the reason why most people feel reluctant to shop online or share their personal information online! They fear that their data will leak, and confidentiality won’t be maintained!

There is a feeling of distrust among people towards the internet and online systems!

So, how to build trust?

How to assure consumers that their personal information wouldn’t be misused and will be kept confidential?

The answer to the above questions is one, and that is ‘transparency’!

According to Advocate Viraj Patil, transparency is the key to gaining trust! A business operating online should let its customers know for what purpose are they collecting information from them, where they will use that information, with whom they will share the data, and more!

They need to be transparent with their customers and users to gain their trust!

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That’s where ‘Privacy policy’ comes into the picture!

Advocate Viraj Patil Explains the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy promotes transparency by revealing to the website users the purpose of collecting information from the users, where the data will be used, and other details.

So, by reading the website’s privacy policy, users can be assured that their data will be safe and not be misused! The lamp of knowledge and transparency will vanish the darkness of doubt and fear by replacing them with the light of trust! This will encourage users to share their information without any worry, as they will be assured that their data will stay protected, and their privacy won’t get endangered!

The Information Technology Act, 2000 mandates that a company’s website should have a privacy policy in terms of service.

In this article, Advocate Viraj Patil, an experienced advocate in Navi Mumbai and the Co-Founder of ParthaSaarathi, a legal e-consulting LLP Firm, talks more about privacy policy and what is included in a website’s privacy policy!

Have you noticed a form that pops up after you open a website?

Or have you visited the contact us page of a website?

What do you see there?

You see a form there that asks you to fill in your personal details.

So, what sort of details do they ask you to fill in the form?

The details they ask you to fill in are mostly related to the products or services offered by the company or the website owner.

Have you seen a food website asking for information about your blood group?

No, right!

But why do companies ask for our details?

So that they can know us and our needs and preferences better, which can help them serve us in the best way possible!

They make the website users aware of their intent and purpose of collecting data by having a privacy policy.

The privacy policy of the website states the intent of collecting user information. Other than that, privacy policy also includes other things.

So, what all things do a privacy policy of a website include?

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Advocate Viraj Patil Explains the Privacy Policy

Other than revealing the purpose and intent of collecting and using customer/user data, the website privacy policy also includes the following information-

  • Advocate Viraj Patil states that the website’s privacy policy mentions which server the company will store the customer data. For example, if a company operates in 4 countries, India, USA, Dubai, and China. So, in the privacy policy, it needs to mention which server it will store customer data. Whether it will store customer data in the Dubai server, USA server, or some other server, it needs to specify that in the privacy policy.
  • The website’s privacy policy also includes whether the particular company will share the user information with the company that will acquire its business in the future or who has a significant stake in its business.
  • In the future, the company can change the method of collecting user information or can bring some changes in the data it collects from its users. All this needs to be updated in the privacy policy says Advocate Viraj Patil.
  • There can be cases where the company may change its website privacy policy in the future. So, the company needs to state in its website privacy policy whether the new privacy policy will be binding on the existing customers who have already shared their personal information, or the customers have to agree again and accept the new privacy policy.

What if there is a violation of the privacy policy by the company?

If the website privacy policy gets violated, the user can complain to the regulatory authority or resort to the company’s grievance redressal mechanism or the complaint mechanism.

Where should the privacy policy of the website be displayed?

Advocate Viraj Patil suggests that the website’s privacy policy should be displayed somewhere where it is prominent and easily noticeable. It shouldn’t be hidden in the corner. It should be easily visible to the user. For example, Apple’s website privacy policy is designed in a way that the user can’t skip reading the privacy policy. After the user has read the privacy policy, he can agree and accept it.

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Where are you reading this article?

On the internet, correct?

Where do you watch your favorite web shows?

Online, isn’t it?

How do you chat with your friends who live far from you?

Using the internet and social media, right?

The world is indeed going digital. The pandemic has increased the use of the internet and has given birth to a new era, called the ‘era of digitalization!

Digitalization has helped us survive the pandemic and proved to be a lifeline! The internet is no doubt the most significant source of entertainment and information!

What is the current price of gold?

Don’t know? Check on the internet! Information on each and everything is just a click away!

Yes, the internet has made information so easily accessible to us! Not only can we get easy access to information related to things but also people!

What did your friend have for dinner last night?

Don’t know? Check your social media! Your friend might have posted it!

But isn’t too much information scary!

What if someone misuses this information?

The risk of misusing personal data has increased due to digitalization and the internet.

One’s right to privacy is at a greater risk of getting endangered because of the growing digitalization.

This has led to an increase in the importance of privacy policy!

The privacy policy of a website prevents user data from getting misused and protects users’ privacy by keeping their information confidential.

The privacy policy promotes transparency by revealing to the website users the purpose of collecting user data and more.

So, you need not worry! With a privacy policy in place, you can have a safe online experience without endangering your right to privacy!

A privacy policy is a path to a ‘safe digital world’! So, let’s create a safe digital world by reading the website’s privacy policy and better understanding it!

To know more about privacy policy and get a much better understanding of it, visit ParthaSaarathi, the best advocate in Navi Mumbai now!


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