Beards – Growth and transplant – Regrow Clinic, Haridwar.


Beards – Growth and transplant – Regrow Clinic, Haridwar.: Growing a natural beard, well, if it doesn’t, you can consider beard transplant from the best transplant centers at economical costs. Consult Regrow Clinic for hair transplant, Haridwar.

Beards – Growth and transplantBeards, growth, and transplant:

So many celebrities have sported the bearded look that it is now a sign of machoism.

We simply cannot deny their influence on us, and following the trend, that just happens.

So, we men enter a 2-month cycle of growing a full, styled, and presentable beard.

But are all men lucky to have a full-growth natural beard? No, many need help.

Of course, you can speak to your friends or search google and try many things to aid the growth of uniform facial hair.

If you are fortunate, maybe that should work out well.

But what if it doesn’t, there’s no reason to lose heart. You can choose between not having it at all or can approach a hair transplant specialist.

Regrow clinic for hair transplant in India is one of the most searched for because of the safety factor, success rate, and affordability.

Dr. G.K. Sharma offers reliability and assurance to the generally skeptical patients about the procedure.

He is well known for not just giving a perfectly natural look while transplanting hair, but also people who have had a bad experience with hair transplant elsewhere come to him for solutions.

But it is also essential to get a health check-up done to eliminate any disease that affects hair growth.

It would be better to treat the disease rather than go for a beard transplant.

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What are the causes of scanty beard growth?

Well, let’s hope that all your health conditions are good except for maybe the fact that genetically people in your family have had scanty growth.

When you consult your physician for diagnoses, your family history, and medical history are of utmost importance to help the doctor decide which tests you should undergo to determine the cause.

You could be having patchy beard due to one of the following conditions:

  • Alopecia Areata: it is an autoimmune disorder that causes the loss of hair in patches. It has no cure, but your treatment options are minoxidil, dithranol, or steroid creams.
  • Clinically low testosterone levels: If you have experienced irritability, low sex drive, and erectile dysfunction, you should probably get yourself tested for testosterone levels. Clinically low levels of testosterone levels are also responsible for thinning hair.
  • Age: Your beard begins to get fuller only after the age of 20. Before that, please don’t drive yourself crazy.
  • Nutrient deficiencies: when your body lacks levels of essential nutrients, it may limit your beard growth. Eat a well-balanced diet.
  • Race: genetics plays an integral part in your beard growth. Men of certain races may have sparse facial hair.

Who is the right candidate for beard transplant?

Your surgeon at Regrow Clinic will assess you for mental and physical fitness to see if you are fit to undergo the procedure.

He will also assess the nature of your existing beard and how much hair will need to be transplanted.

He will assess your scalp from where the hair will be sourced for transplant. It has to be dense enough to support the transplant.

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You may need a beard transplant if you show signs of male pattern baldness, have had an injury or burns, or genetically have sparse hair.

A beard transplant at regrow clinic will undoubtedly give you a natural-looking fuller beard, and the cost makes it more desirous.

What is the cost of a beard transplant?

The cost of beard transplant at Regrow clinic ranges from Rupees 35/graft + taxes onwards, and the total cost is case-specific.

Some factors that determine the cost is as follows:

The number of hair grafts required.

What technique is used for hair transplant?

What are the techniques of a beard transplant?

If you are looking for a  beard transplant in Mumbai by now, you must have probably read enough to know that beard transplant is the same as hair transplant and can be done by following either of the 2 techniques viz:

FUE hair transplant: In this procedure, the hair is taken out randomly from a dense area of donation. It is washed, and the follicles are prepared for transplant.

If the hair is placed in PRP before implant, it will take root faster and grow quickly. This process is known as BIO-FUE.

The surgeon makes small slits on the face that are less than 2mm to avoid scarring and give more density.

Once the surgeon has made small incisions, he transplants the hair.

FUT hair transplant: In this method, the surgeon cuts a small strip of the scalp and takes hair from that strip to prepare the follicles for transplant. The rest of the process remains the same.

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The strip is generally obtained from the back of the head where the hair growth is dense, and the healing scar is easily covered by the development of the hair above the strip.

All other modern-day hair transplant techniques like DHT and Bio-FUE are all based on these 2 basic techniques. The only difference is the use of modern tools and the time taken for the transplant is significantly different.

You will usually need 2 to 3 sessions of 8 hours each for a full growth hair transplant.

What are the post-operative instructions after undergoing a beard transplant?

Dr. G.K. Sharma of regrow clinic says that it is essential to follow the post-operative care instructions carefully.

You will have to avoid touching your face and rubbing it vigorously when it starts healing as it gets itchy when healing.

Do not wash your face with soap like you usually do.

Avoid any strenuous activities for a few days.

Take medicines that your doctor prescribes for inflammation and soreness.

You will be able to take out the bandage the next day.

You will be able to wash the donor and recipient area 2 days later with mild microbial shampoo to prevent infection. Avoid using a towel to dry the areas.

Do not consume alcohol or smoke.

You may notice some hair falling; this is natural as the follicle loses the old hair and replaces it with the new hair after it takes root—nothing to worry about.


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