Alchemist Hospital completes 10 kidney transplants


Alchemist Hospital completes 10 kidney transplants : Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula on Friday announced the completion of 10 successful kidney transplants.

Alchemist Hospital completes 10 kidney transplantsAlchemist which runs a certified centre for performing kidney transplants, has a team including Dr Neeraj Goyal, kidney transplant surgeon and consultant- Urology, Dr Ramesh Kumar and Dr Charanjit Lal both sr consultants-Nephrology and Dr Rajiv Goyal, sr consultant-Urology. Dr S.K. Sharma, former director of PGI, Chandigarh heads department of Renal Sciences at Alchemist.

Addressing a press conference at Chandigarh Press Club today, the team said that since the inception of unit in July last year, Alchemist has emerged as the fastest growing centre for kidney transplant in North Haryana.

The unit is first and the only transplant facility in this region of Haryana, which is catering to the needs of patients hailing from Haryana, Himachal, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir and adjoining areas of UP and Uttrakhand.

Discussing the details of the transplants done in past, Dr Neeraj Goyal, said that all the transplants were live-related transplants, which mean the patients received kidney from their near relatives.

In these cases, the donor surgery i.e. harvest of kidney from donor was performed using advanced laparoscopic technique of “Retroperitoneoscopic Donor nephrectomy” a surgery that has got many advantages over conventional laparoscopic or open donor surgery, pointed out Dr S.K. Sharma.

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Retroperitoneoscopic surgery does not disturb other abdominal organs or parts and therefore it is associated with minimal pain and rapid recovery resulting in early discharge from the hospital, which is very crucial for a healthy, voluntary donor. All the donors were discharged within 3-4 days of surgery explained Dr Rajiv Goyal.

A successful kidney transplant is more cost effective form of treatment than dialysis and patients lead a normal and financially independent life after transplant, said Dr Ramesh Kumar and Dr Charanjit Lal.

One of greatest advantage of starting transplant program at Alchemist is the smoother and well organized process of legal documentation in Haryana state, remarked Dr Goyal.

This involves single counter clearance before conducting operations of live related kidney transplant that shortens the time involved in legal documentation and limits the sufferings of the patients, he asserted.


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