All It Takes Is Just 10,000 Steps to Stay Fit



NewZNew (New Delhi) : How much do you think you need to walk to stay fit?  Just 10,000 steps, but the energy busts when it comes to actually doing it? So in its dedicated effort to motivating people to adopt a healthier and fit lifestyle, smart activity tracker maker Fitgen  is kicking off ‘10,000 steps contest’, that will run for 30 days, starting April 10.

While the contest aims to encourage people to be on their toes to stay fit, for the company it is also an activity to give back to the society. Fitgen, as part of its CSR initiative, will contribute for each participant one month’s education for a cancer child in partnership with Cankids — a society fighting cancer among children.

Fitgen is the manufacturer of smart activity tracker — ‘Trek’ that not only makes people keep themselves fit, but also take care of their loved ones. The Fitgen device and its app help people to connect with friends, family members and build fitness communities of preferred members wherein each one of them can track the activities of others and create challenges to tap onto the competitive spirit.

In the contest, participants can register as individuals, as a couple or in teams comprising four members.

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During the 30 days when the contest will be on, they can keep an eye on others’ performance with the help of the leader board on Fitgen app to know their status in comparison to others. If they seem to be lagging behind others, they can put in more efforts

“People do not need to enroll specially when participating in the individual capacity as there’s automatic enrollment, but when entering the contest as team, they would need to register on the website.

Apart from the thought of taking on the challenge, people would have the chance to walk for a social cause. With the contest, we are also trying to make a difference in the lives of children suffering from cancer. To do that there is nothing better than supporting their education,” said Mr Anurag Malhotra, Chief Executive Officer, Fitgen Solutions.

Under the contest, the participants would require to clock 10,000 steps for at least 20 days to be entitled for a gift from the company. The top three on Fitgen’sleader board would be adjudged winners of the contest and the best performing team will get a special gift hamper.

The device – Trek — is fed with the goal of attaining 10,000 steps a day as it is believed that these numbers of steps are ideal to stay fit, though one can very well go beyond the figure. Not just steps, the tracker takes into account various movements of a person and accordingly makes him indulge in more activities.

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With Fitgen, it is time to get started for taking the path of good health and be the winner of the contest too.


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