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Young NRI Tycoon dons motivational cap to enthuse Punjabi youth

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Thirty-Two-Year-Old Gurpreet S. Kang a Punjabi NRI, who originally belongs to Patiala district had migrated to France in 2008 with just a small amount of Rs 5000 in his pocket & a big dream of ‘making it big’ in his eyes. Kang remembers that no bank in Punjab was ready to give him a business loan when he wanted to start his venture, this however, did not deter him. Without any financial help & with the sweat of his brow, he made a conglomerate known as K3 Group in France, which is a well respected IT company in that country. His calling was however India and in particular Punjab.

He kept coming back to the state & discovered that the youth in the state were falling prey to a deadly combination of drugs & unemployment due to lack of proper skills. Says Kang, “I then decided to create an interactive website where youth can connect with me for advice & help. I have now stepped out of France to travel in Punjab and go amid the youth of the state.” Adds the Young Serial Entrepreneur, “I came to India about a week back and have already held presentations for ‘youth audiences’, on Management Principles & importance of being motivated in life in Delhi University, Panjab University in Chandigarh, Chitkara University and Punjabi University in Patiala.”

Kang has learnt it the hard way. He is a man of many talents – he is an Engineer, Salesman, Financial analyst, Investor, Entrepreneur, Social worker, Author all packed into one. Now he wants to use all his experience by turning ‘Motivational speaker’. It is the last attribute he wants to use to enthuse young Punjabis into action.

Kang also has created an organisation by the name of K3 Arts for promotion of Punjabi Culture. This entity has been instrumental in helping some young Punjabi singers launch their careers. What’s more, he has taken up a noble cause: that of financially supporting outstanding students belonging to poor families for higher studies in engineering courses at IITs’ & MBBS colleges.  Says Mr. Kang, “I myself had some money concerns regarding higher studies, yet somehow I managed to pursue engineering, followed by MBA, CA, CPA and finally went on to establish a successful company, in Europe. So I decided to come forward to offer financial help to deserving candidates. I felt that that lack of money should not be an obstacle in the way to success for such bright students who came from a financially weak background.”

It is noteworthy that Kang has also embarked on a strategy to adopt schools in Punjab’s villages. He has already given his request to adopt one Government school in the state. The adoption of schools will help them get infrastructural and other help required by these from Kang. Kang says that his goal in life is to get – Absolute Liberation for all Punjabis. To achieve this Kang has also been promoting Entrepreneurship through his company as he feels this is the only way out for the youth of Punjab.

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