ALL- ON- 4 dental implants are one of the highly recommended alternatives to dentures



There is now some good news for patients with diseased or damaged teeth or those who are already missing all their teeth in one or both arches and are suffering with dentures. ALL- ON- 4 dental implants are one of the highly recommended alternatives to dentures. As one is one of the most popular dental reconstructive methods, the ALL-ON- 4 procedure replaces all the teeth on the lower or upper with only four implants.What are ALL-ON-FOUR implants?

ALL–ON–4, is a technique for replacing teeth using fewer implants than traditional methods. This technique carries the following traits.

  1. As few as four implants per jaw: whereas a full mouth of implants using traditional methods would require 8-10 implants per jaw, the All-on -4 technique uses just four. Sometimes 5-6 implants are needed on the upper jaw due to low bone density.
  2. Angled rear implants for optimum strength: rather than being inserted vertically, the rear implants are at a 30-45 degrees angle. This means even patients who suffered bone loss should be eligible for All-on-4 without having to go through the costly and lengthy process of a bone graft.
  3. The ability to be implanted and fitted in a day. This last trait has earned the nickname “teeth in a day”. This is a drastic improvement on traditional implant procedure which can take months or more to complete with extensive recovery time at each step.
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What are the benefits of ALL-ON-4?

All-on-4 implants offer many benefits over conventional implants and removable dentures. These include:-

  1. Short treatment and recovery time
  2. Implants placed on the same day as extraction
  3. Comfortable and stable structure to support crowns and bridges.
  4. Fixed in a time- no need to remove for cleaning
  5. Don’t slip or fall out like dentures
  6. Suitable for patients with jaw bone loss
  7. Cheaper than traditional techniques that uses 8-10 implants.

ALL-ON FOUR vs. dentures

PLACEMENT Attached to 4-6 titanium implants in the jaw bone Rest on the gum, may require adhesive
ELIGIBILITY Suitable for patients with bone loss Suitable for most patients
EATING Fixed in place; act like natural teeth; Can move when you chew; certain foods must be avoided
LONGEVITY 10+ years Will need to replace as if gum changes shape
BONE LOSS Implants help to maintain the bone Continued bone loss is inevitable, causing the denture to loosen
APPEARANCE Like natural teeth; gum join hidden behind lips Like natural teeth; loss of bone may cause face to sag over time
CLEANING Cleaned like normal teeth Must be removed for cleaning (usually overnight)

What is the fitting procedure?

According to Your first step in the procedure will be a consultation with your Implantologist. During that, scans will be done and bone density is determined and treatment is planned. After that, implants are placed and overdenture is created which is temporary and replaced after few months. This denture is made lighter to put less pressure on implants while healing time.

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Final checks and fitting: 6-9 months after surgery your implants should be ready to support a permanent overdenture.

In the end if u look after your ALL-ON-FOUR very carefully, they should last longer.

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