Arsheen’s Paintings : A Vivid Reflection of Life



NewZNew (Chandigarh) : A poet and a painter present life in the same manner but the only difference is the poet puts it in words and the painter in pictures. Creativity in bringing out the manifestation of life is the same in both.

Inner Voice in Colours, the first painting exhibition put up by a budding artist Arsheen Walia is one such must visit art event which has been set up at her place 3069 in Sector 20, the venue of her creativity for Three days as the exhibition concludes on 28th. The exhibition is on from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

All of 22, Arsheen is a second year graduation student with Fine Arts as one of her subjects. She has undergone training under famous artist Vinod Mehta, who gave her a new learning dimension to pursue her interest in painting.

What stands out in Arsheen’s works is her dedication, hardwork, and her thought process. The paintings made by her are a reflection of life and so vividly close to reality. Her paintings are an array of complexities and simplicities in this world, some of which are depicting mindset of people, love of mother for her child, nature, solitary lover, energy, ray of home to name a few.

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Arsheen gives the credit to her parents who are supporting in honing her talent. “What they have done for me can never be expressed in words, and it won’t be surprising if I put them at the pedestal of God to describe how much they have done for me”, she says.

Her parents Amarjeet Singh Walia and mother Sonia Sikand believe a child can grow only when given freedom to do whatever he or she wants to pursue. They add, parents should be supportive by lending a helping hand to the child in area of his or her interest and stress should be on practical not theory.

Artist Vinod Mehta believes Arsheen has been able to achieve new heights only with her commitment and principles. She has been taught fineries in painting and will touch new heights in times to come.

Arsheen’s loves expressing her thoughts on canvas by using oil and charcoal. Her favourite is charcoal painting in its black and white tones. She is interested in focusing on real ideas and her paintings have a subtle message.

Arsheen intends to pursue this passion in art in future as well. Her paintings would remain a combination of abstract, realist and modern art. Setting her goal for the next six months, she wants to concentrate on just putting up more exhibitions in difference places so that she can reach out to art lovers by showcasing her works.

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