Astro Zindagi forecast for June 7-13


This week marks a turning point in our lives. On June 10, there will be a solar eclipse (Surya Grahan) occurring in the Taurus sign and Mrigashira nakshatra. The first solar eclipse of 2021 will start at 1.42 p.m. and will end at 6.41 p.m.

Astro Zindagi forecast for June 7-13

The peak time of the eclipse will be at 4.16 p.m. where the Sun and Moon will be at 25 degrees and the Moon will cover the Sun, making it appear like a ring of fire.

This occurrence will impact all of us in some way or the other depending on where Taurus sign falls in our birth horoscope. Following is an insight into the aftermath of the eclipse on the zodiac signs.


The eclipse will fall in your second house of family and financial accumulation. This is not the best time for you in terms of health and you may face stomach-related issues. Take care of your diet. You could face a challenging time at work. Keep a low profile and focus on the tasks in hand. Don’t quit your present job till you get a new one. Avoid borrowing or taking a new loan. Since you will be more focused on the domestic front, your ties with the family will improve. However, your work issues might come in the way. Maintain a balance by separating your family and professional life. Your persistence will pay off in the long run.

Tip of the week: Keep a low profile


This eclipse will take place in your lagna or first house of personality, self-confidence and position. To begin with, you could face some health concerns on account of relapse of any disease or allergy. Also, you may feel low in stamina and energy. Avoid taking risks and move ahead cautiously in the professional sphere. Your inputs or your presence will help a lot of people get through their difficult times. Even hearing them out will keep your ties strong. Married individuals need to be cautious as they may face some difference of opinion and arguments with their spouse. Avoid making investments in property or fixed assets in your name as you may face deception.

Tip of the week: Avoid taking any risks


The eclipse will occur in your twelfth house of expenditure, hospitalization and foreign travel. As a result, you will need to keep a check on your expenses. But for businesspeople, this period is quite favourable and they can plan to invest in their venture towards expansion. For working professionals, their career may take a positive turn suddenly and will require more time and effort. Balance your professional and personal life. Some things might need to be changed permanently to bring about this balance. People who seek to travel abroad for work or studies will hear some good news. Meditate to keep yourself calm.

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Tip of the week: Curb your expenses


The eclipse will be witnessed in the eleventh house of your Moon horoscope. You are advised to be cautious with financial dealings as you may end up losing more than what you earn. You should avoid taking big risks or investing in speculative investments such as the stock market. Those of you who are associated with the international market will comparatively have a better time financially. You will be required to compete at your workplace. You may face disputes and fights with your siblings and friends. Therefore, you need to be particular about your communication with them. Be persistent at whatever you undertake even if it is undesirable. Exercise and consume a healthy diet.

Tip of the week: Be persistent in efforts


The eclipse will happen in your tenth house of career, status and position. You can face an overdose of responsibilities, both at work and at home. Those who are looking forward to transfers may get lucky. You may be indecisive and may face problems in making firm decisions. Your parents, especially your father’s health, may suffer. You are advised to take good care of them and go for routine check-ups. Students competing for government jobs may have to struggle hard as possibilities of getting through will be bleak. Your self-confidence can be low at times, so it is advised to utilize this time for self-exploration and learning a new skill.

Tip of the week: Be ready for excess workload


The eclipse will take place in the ninth house of father, spiritual pursuits and long travel. This is a favourable time for those eagerly awaiting travel abroad. A change of job is also on the cards. You could be signing some important contracts or documents this week. This is a favourable time for a long-term investment. Analyse the situation before taking any risks at work. If you are looking for a partner to get married to, it is advisable to be patient and delay the plan for a while. The eclipse period is not favourable to get into a relationship. One might also experience strained relationships with elder siblings. Your father could suffer some health issues.

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Tip of the week: Make long-term investments


The eclipse will take place in your eight house which symbolizes obstacles, health issues and unexpected happenings. This may not be a favourable time for matters relating to childbirth and investments. You could feel a lack of interest in your job or business, which could pose problems in professional growth. Healthwise, you will have a tendency to overthink which will make you prone to anxiety and stress. The eclipse will favour students preparing for competitive examinations. Your spouse could also face some health issues and necessary precautions are advised. Indulgence in spiritualism will help you conquer your fears and increase your self-confidence.

Tip of the week: Keep your focus and motivation


This eclipse will take place in the seventh house of marriage, partnership and business. During this time, you should be open to new opportunities, but avoid taking unnecessary risks. You will be prone to lose your precious items due to negligence. Besides, you may face trouble in your married life due to intervention of extended family members. Those of you who are single will be motivated to find themselves a new partner. However, your faulty judgement may lead you into wrong relationships. You will have the motivation to speak up for yourself. However, while doing so, don’t try to hurt someone. Those of you involved in partnership-business will also have to face issues.

Tip of the week: Don’t trust people blindly


The eclipse will occur in your sixth house of disease, legal matters and competition. On the professional front, you could receive a promotion due to your consistent efforts in the past. You will outshine your competitors and will receive a new position. Financially, you could avail a loan which will help you meet your financial requirements. However, you must safeguard against any court-related matters and travelling. Minor accident is indicated, hence take precautions while driving. Those married must invest in creating intimacy in their love life, else things could go out of hand. You may remain worried about your children’s health.

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Tip of the week: Guard against legal matters


The eclipse will take place in your fifth house of children, love matters and education. As a result, you will spend more time with your children. Some of the married couples could be blessed with a child. Your finances will improve further. If you have been planning to buy property or renovate your home, then this is an auspicious period. Students will have to pay extra attention to their studies. Moreover, it is not the best time for your younger siblings. Your elder siblings could face problems in their married life. This is also not the right time to change your job. Instead, give your best to the current job and think of creative solutions to problems at the workplace.

Tip of the week: Think of creative solutions


The eclipse will happen in your fourth house. Due to this, you will feel a bit unhappy and dissatisfied with your life in general. Avoid making any investment in land or real estate. You may spend some money towards repair of house. Your mother’s health can be affected, hence take due care of her. Career-wise, chances of foreign travel are high and you could change your residence. Though you will have to work a bit harder in your job, the prospect of transfers and departmental change will keep you excited. This will be a fun time for singles to indulge in social activity as they will have the luck of finding a partner.

Tip of the week: Change of residence on the cards


You will experience this eclipse in your third house. This will be an excellent time to start something new. Review your life and execute any pending plans or activities. There are high chances of monetary gains. Those of you in a job must consider changing for better opportunities. This is an opportunity for you to learn new skills as your creativity will blossom. However, while doing so, make sure you pay proper attention to your health as stomach and skin-related issues can surface. The eclipse will also help you excel in education. While your relationship with your spouse will grow, your elder siblings may feel you are not giving them the time and attention they deserve.

Tip of the week: Learn new skills


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