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Ayurvedic Green Tea holds the key to success against PCOD, makes the immune system stronger

Helping restore hormone balance in the body.   Boosting immunity to meet the times’ need. 

Ayurvedic Green Tea holds the key to success against PCOD, makes the immune system stronger : In a country like India, where data suggests that almost one in ten women suffers from an endocrinal disorder called Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), a new ray of hope has emerged in the form of Bye Bye PCOD Green Tea.

Ayurvedic Green Tea holds the key to success against PCOD

Packed with the power of Ayurveda, Bye Bye PCOD Green Tea naturally reverses the effects of the disease by effectively managing its symptoms. Bye Bye PCOD Green Tea helps in restoring the balance of hormones in the body resulting in the regularization of periods.  

After years of research & gathering experience, Dietitian Priya Mittal, along with her team of colleagues at Zenith Diet Mentors, has come up with this one-of-a-kind ayurvedic green tea. Dt Mittal believes that like most other complex health issues, PCOD too has a natural solution. She has combined several natural ingredients to develop this product with the objective of offering a holistic approach to the problems that PCOD cause. 

PCOD is generally found among women of reproducing age when the balance of hormones that regulates the menstrual cycle is disrupted. Insulin levels spike up due to PCOD which triggers the ovaries to produce more androgen hormones. The base of this product, green tea, is a proven remedy for keeping insulin levels in check. Other ingredients like Kanchnar Chal and Trikatu also act as hormone balancers.  

Becoming overweight worsens the problems of PCOD. To maintain a healthy balance of hormone levels it is vital to maintain a healthy body weight. To increase the potency of the green tea in terms of reducing weight by improving metabolism, Triphala, an age-old ayurvedic remedy filled with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties is added in Bye Bye PCOD Green Tea.  

Dietitian Mittal reckons although there is no cure for PCOD, sustainable symptom management neutralizes the challenges greatly. According to her, “Healthy lifestyle holds the key to beat PCOD. Opting for a natural solution is always a better choice when treatment cannot overcome the problem overnight.”  

“The eggs in the follicles don’t mature and form very small cysts in the ovary. PCOD can cause serious trouble during pregnancy and childbirth. Studies have suggested that 50% of women suffering from PCOD during pregnancy have faced first-trimester miscarriage, a figure which is three times more than women without this disease,” Dietitian Mittal said.    

Talking further about the choice of the ingredients, she highlighted that Bye Bye PCOD Green Tea contains curcumin that treats ovulation induction in a way comparable to that of clomiphene citrate, the difference being the former is a natural alternative.

“The ingredients are primarily picked on the merit of acting as hormone balancers. The secret of the potency of Bye Bye PCOD Green Tea is nothing but its ingredients.” 

The product also contains a mixture of other natural herbs tej patta, dalchini and choti illaichi that render taste and aroma making Bye Bye PCOD Green Tea an irresistible health drink. 

Being a health expert by profession and tea enthusiast in her own life, Dietitian Mittal has launched another variant of green tea by the name of Slimme Premium Green Tea. Apart from green tea, Slimme Premium Green Tea contains tulsi, giloy, kamal, neem and vidang and yashti madhu. Given its ingredients, it is needless to say that this green tea is extremely rich in antioxidants and detoxifying agents.  

Since we are all living in troubled times, it is crucial to keep our body ready against any external threat. “We have deliberately added giloy keeping in mind the demand of the situation. Giloy makes the immunity system better.” Consuming Slimme Me will improve metabolism leading to weight loss. Along with its anti-aging benefits, Slimme Me also acts as a stress reliever.   

Know More About Dt. Priya Mittal 

Dietician Priya Mittal former dietician of Dharmshila Narayana Super-specialty Hospital has been actively working in the field of weight management and lifestyle-related disorders. She always believed in natural ways of achieving health and does not believe in artificial methods like machines, medicines, supplements, etc. Consult her for homely, traditional & sustainable DIET PLANS for weight management and treating PCOD/S, Thyroid, Diabetes, Hypertension & other lifestyle disorders. She is a weight loss & PCOD/PCOS treatment expert and specialist in DNA Diets.  

Know More About Zenith Mentors 

Zenith Diet Mentor began in 2018 with a clear aim and mission of Eat Right Future Bright. The organization is lead by renowned Dt. Priya Mittal awarded Internationally Acclaimed Best Dietitian & Nutritionist year 2019-2020. She was a former dietician of Dharmshila Narayana Super-specialty Hospital. Zenith Diet Mentor offers a range of diets, which are: 

  • Weight loss diet
  • Weight gain diet
  • DNA diets
  • Blood group diets
  • Post pregnancy diets
  • Pregnancy diets
  • My heart Diets
  • Fitness diets
  • Therapeutic diets
  • Cool sculpting
  • Physiotherapy
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