Bajirao Mastani 20th Day Total Box Office Collection, Business or Income | Bajirao Mastani (2015) 3rd Wednesday Collection


NewZNew (Mumbai) : Bajirao Mastani 20th Day Total Box Office Collection, Business or Income | Bajirao Mastani (2015) 3rd Wednesday Collection: Bajirao Mastani is accurate narrative according to Marathi King Bajirao. In this picture real love of Mastani and Bajirao is revealed. Bajirao was hindu and Mastani was both of these get married & muslim woman. But Bajirao family failed to accept this relationship because of muslim cast of mastani. Ranveer Singh Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra had played as principal top star casts in this film. They given their best to make this film super reach.

This wonderful picture had been directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Bajirao Mastani film premiered in all and India over globally as well as get really tought competition from SRK Dilwale film that was likewise released at same time. Bajirao Mastani picture 20th day box office set prediction report is below and that is the whole amount of eighteen days. Bajirao Mastani film is going and all of the supporters of Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are seeing the film again and again.

In the next week film earned Rs 250 Cr at the global box office and expanded its chance. But sadly, fall was confronted by its third weekend to 20% within the next weekend. Bajirao Mastani is leading when it comes to national box office groups, compared to Dilwale. It raked the highest grosser ever and third highest grosser of.

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Bajirao Mastani 20th Day Total Box Office Collection

  • Bajirao Mastani 1st Day Box Office Collection: 12.80 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 2nd Day Box Office Collection: 15.52 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 3rd Day Box Office Collection: 18.45 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 4th Day Box Office Collection: 10.25 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 5th Day Box Office Collection: 9.40 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 6th Day Box Office Collection: 9.21 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 7th Day Box Office Collection: 10.52 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 8th Day Box Office Collection: 12.25 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 9th Day Box Office Collection: 10.30 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 10th Day Box Office Collection: 11.75 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 11th Day Box Office Collection: 5.60 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 12th Day Box Office Collection: 5.40 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 13th Day Box Office Collection: 5.05 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 14th Day Box Office Collection: 5.35 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 15th Day Box Office Collection: 7.50 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 16th Day Box Office Collection: 6 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 17th Day Box Office Collection: 7 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 18th Day Box Office Collection: 4.75 Cr
  • Bajirao Mastani 19th Day Box Office Collection: 4.5 Cr*
  • Bajirao Mastani 20th Day Box Office Collection: 4.2 Cr*


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