Dilwale 20th Day Total Box Office Collection, Business or Income | Dilwale (2015) 3rd Wednesday Collection


NewZNew (Mumbai) : Dilwale 20th Day Total Box Office Collection, Business or Income | Dilwale (2015) 3rd Wednesday Collection: There’s definitely the common crowds of Indian cinema as well as a fascination among the movie fans to understand more about the groups of the movie Dilwale. The movie as well as Dilwale groups Dilwale box office groups report will be the chief question being introduced to Google. Box office verdict and the sets of the movie Dilwale has become the amounts that are greatest up to now and still without stopping its constant run, the picture Dilwale is happening to mint more income through groups in the box office.


For the movie Dilwale continues to be brought for you by us the box office groups report and here we’re back with all the entire details concerning the groups of box office and the movie Dilwale groups report of the movie Dilwale for 20 days. The picture however started off with the right reviews and slowly the picture was slowed down in the box office also it does not provide a perfect competition for the movie Bajirao Mastani.

The film was for numerous amounts of days on the theatres and as no competitive film released in the past weeks complete edge had been got by the film over box office.

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It is overly good for the movie thinking about the onset of downfall tendency in the 2nd week. So on the whole it’s shown us the anticipated amount of functionality and we can not say that it’s disappointed us. The movie giving great rivalry to latest releases and is great entertainer.

Dilwale 20th Day Total Box Office Collection

  • Dilwale 1st Day Box Office Collection: 21 Cr
  • Dilwale 2nd Day Box Office Collection: 20.09 Cr
  • Dilwale 3rd Day Box Office Collection: 24 Cr
  • Dilwale 4th Day Box Office Collection: 10.09 Cr
  • Dilwale 5th Day Box Office Collection: 9.42 Cr
  • Dilwale 6th Day Box Office Collection: 9.21 Cr
  • Dilwale 7th Day Box Office Collection: 9.26 Cr
  • Dilwale 8th Day Box Office Collection: 8.11 Cr
  • Dilwale 9th Day Box Office Collection: 6.0 Cr
  • Dilwale 10th Day Box Office Collection: 7.12 Cr
  • Dilwale 11th Day Box Office Collection: 2.7 Cr
  • Dilwale 12th Day Box Office Collection: 3.12 Cr
  • Dilwale 13th Day Box Office Collection: 3.13 Cr
  • Dilwale 14th Day Box Office Collection: 2.38 Cr
  • Dilwale 15th Day Box Office Collection: 3.41 Cr
  • Dilwale 16th Day Box Office Collection: 1.9 Cr
  • Dilwale 17th Day Box Office Collection: 2.40 Cr
  • Dilwale 18th Day Box Office Collection: 1.75 Cr
  • Dilwale 19th Day Box Office Collection: 1.5 Cr*
  • Dilwale 20th Day Box Office Collection: 1.4 Cr*
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