Become a Solutions Architect with ExamSnap Microsoft AZ-304 Exam and Valid Practice Tests in No Time!


Become a Solutions Architect with ExamSnap Microsoft AZ-304 Exam and Valid Practice Tests in No Time!: Microsoft technologies are widely used in many organizations worldwide and that is why these companies are always looking for the individuals who know how to work with these technologies.

Become a Solutions Architect with ExamSnap Microsoft AZ-304 Exam and Valid Practice Tests in No Time

Microsoft Azure has become one of the leading Cloud platforms in the world, so if you are passionate about Azure and want to become a certified Azure expert, you will need to earn the right certification. The Microsoft certificates are respected throughout the industry and have helped hundreds of candidates over the years.

However, to get any certificate offered by this vendor, the interested applicants need to pass a certain exam. So, if you want to hold Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert, you should know about the ExamSnap Microsoft AZ-304 test in a bit more detail. Keep in mind that passing this exam is not easy, so you will need to work quite hard.

Suitable Applicants for Microsoft AZ-304 Exam

When it comes to the certification exams, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. One of those things is the target audience and the recommended knowledge. The potential candidates for the Microsoft ExamSnap test are those individuals who have some experience in the field and know how to work using the Azure environment.

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Anyone thinking about taking this exam should have sufficient knowledge of the basic IT operations, such as disaster recovery, business continuity, security, identity, virtualization, networking, budgeting, and data platform. Aside from that, the applicants should have experience in Azure administration and Azure development.

Key Details of Microsoft AZ-304 Exam

Those individuals who are thinking about taking ExamSnap Microsoft AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design need to first learn ExamCollection AZ-304 PDF Exams important details of the exam pattern. The first thing that you should know is that the test is going to be 180 minutes long. During this time, the candidates will have to answer 40-60 questions. They are largely based on the multiple-choice format. Lastly, the exam costs $165.

There are a few different topics included in the exam content and they are the following:

Design Monitoring (10-15%)

  • Create a solution for logging and monitoring;
  • Design for cost optimization.

Identity Design & Security Design (25-30%)

  • Design security for applications;
  • Design governance;
  • Design authorization;
  • Design authentication.

Data Storage Design (15-20%)

  • Select an appropriate storage account;
  • Develop data integration;
  • Design a solution for databases.

Business Continuity Design (10-15%)

  • Design for high availability;
  • Design a solution for backup and recovery.

Infrastructure Design (25-30%)

  • Design migrations;
  • Create a network solution;
  • Design an application architecture;
  • Design a compute solution.
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These were some of the most important things that you need to know about the ExamSnap Microsoft AZ-304 test. Microsoft has become one of the leading certification providers in the world, so the companies search for these certified individuals.

So, if you are able to pass this exam and get the corresponding certificate, it can be great for your career. There are loads of topics that you will have to cover in order to ace this qualifying test, so it is best if you start preparing for your exam early on. This way, you will have all the time you need.


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