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Being Yourself is the way to make a mark in life, says Vivek Atray

Being Yourself is the way to make a mark in life, says Vivek Atray: Former IAS, author, TEDx speaker, Vivek Atray addressed the Rotary Club of Chandigarh.

Being Yourself is the way to make a mark in lifeSpeaking on “Be Yourself: Make a Mark in Life“, Vivek Atray touched upon diverse challenges of life that everyone experiences, but finding one’s own strengths and rediscovering the power within which leads on to excel in life.

Everyone has a diverse role to play at home in one’s business, profession or job, yet finding congruance, the perfect balance between mind, soul and body, helps one achieve success and peace in life, he said.

A deep believer in philosophy of Yogananda, Vivek said that to create a better version of oneself on each passing day should be the goal of one’s life.

Commnending the Rotarians who think about others, have compassion and empathy about the lives of others, Vivek msaid they are the best versions of humans that one can emulate.
Those who attended included former world president of Rotary International Rajendra K Saboo, Rotary Club President Jaspal Sidhu, former Vice Chancellor of Panjab University Arun Grover, Prof Paramjit Singh, among others.

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