Bekaaboo 3 Web Series (ALTT) – Cast, Release Date, Actress Name, and How to Watch Online


Bekaaboo 3 Web Series (ALTT) – Cast, Release Date, Actress Name, and How to Watch Online: Bekaaboo 3 is a web series set to be released on the ALTT OTT platform. Directed by Kaycee and produced by ALTT PVT LTD, the series promises to captivate viewers with its intriguing storyline.

Bekaaboo 3 Web Series (ALTT)The crew plans to release all episodes of the Bekaaboo 3 web series on 23 September 2023.

Bekaaboo 3 ALTT Web Series Cast

  • Rahul Sudhir as Arjun Irani
  • Riya Sen as Chitra Irani
  • Imran Khan as Yudi Irani
  • Nikita Tiwari as Tapsee Sharma
  • Jasjot Bhasin as Sunny
  • Navina Bole as Esha
  • Nikkita Ghag as Alisha Seth
  • Amika Shail as Rasika Astana
  • Shaan Khan as Kanti
  • Ajay Dhansu as Bakshi
  • Anshika Pandey as Farzana
  • Suraj Singhan as Inspecgtor Deshpande
  • Manisha Jain as Aditi
  • Mayank Chopra as Alisha Boyfriend
  • Shaina Batata as Sheena

Bekaaboo 3 ALTT Web Series Director

The series is skillfully helmed by Kaycee.

Web Series Name Bekaaboo 3
Language Hindi
Genre Romance/ Drama
Director ALTT team
Release Date 23rd September 2023
Cast Rahul Sudhir
Riya Sen
Imran Khan
Nikita Tiwari
Jasjot Bhasin
Navina Bole
Nikkita Ghag
Amika Shail
Shaan Khan
Ajay Dhansu
Anshika Pandey
Suraj Singhan
Manisha Jain
Mayank Chopra
Shaina Batata
Duration Approx. 15-25 Minutes
Online Streaming Platform ALTT App
Actress Name Riya Sen
Nikita Tiwari
Navina Bole
Nikkita Ghag
Amika Shail
Anshika Pandey
Shaina Batata
Manisha Jain

Bekaaboo 3 ALTT Web Series Story

Bekaaboo 3 web series revolves around a revenge saga where 3 women unite with different motives to use a girl as bait to lure the famous novelist Arjun Irani. However, the ALTT special Bekaaboo season 3 was treated with multiple twists and turns and a mind-blowing climax reveal. To know how the story unfolds, watch online Bekaaboo 3 web series all episodes on ALTT app.

How to Watch Bekaaboo 3 ALTT Web Series   

To watch Bekaaboo 3 and other exciting web series such as Crimes and Confessions, Gandii Baat, and more, visit the ALTT app for a full list of ALTT web series.

The ALTT app has gained popularity for its unique and diverse digital content, with viewers praising the quality and engaging storylines of the shows. The website is user-friendly, providing a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience.

Bekaaboo 3 Web Series Release Date

The first episode of Bekaaboo 3 is set to premiere on 23 September 2023, offering viewers a delightful and entertaining experience.

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