‘Bigg Boss 8’: When Parineeti Chopra played the ‘bad touch’ prank with Ali Quli



NewZNew (Mumbai) : Parineeti Chopra was inside the ‘Bigg Boss 8’ house along with her ‘Kill Dil’ co-stars Ranveer Singh and Ali Zafar. The three were on the show to promote their upcoming film. The three danced with the inmates and that was when Ali Quli Mirza’s ‘bad touch’ irked Parineeti. Ali, who happens to be a very dear friend of Pari’s cousin Priyanka Chopra, was in for a shock, when the former accused him of touching her badly. The ‘Kill Dil’ star left the house in disgust along with Ranveer and Ali Zafar, leaving the inmates of the house wondering about what actually went wrong.

They started asking Ali if he said or did something wrong to Pari. An alarmed Ali was perplexed and in a state of awe, for he wondered what made Pari complain to him about his ‘bad touch’. Pari was heard talking about what Ali had done to Sonali under the blanket and how it annoyed the lady. After the three actors came out of the house, Salman decided to relieve Ali of the discomfort by saying that Parineeti had just played a prank with him and there was nothing wrong with him.

Ali was left extremely embarrassed and sad for having been a victim of such a dirty prank. However, Parineeti apologised to Ali and thus ended the tamasha.

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