Bigg Boss 9 House Ghar Inside Outside Pics & Stills Interior


NewZNew (Mumbai) : Bigg Boss 9 House Ghar Inside Outside Pics & Stills Interior :- As we all know that Bigg Boss Season 9 is beginning from this Sunday on 11 October 2015 and this time the theme of the Salman Khan ‘s show is Double Trouble. Well everyone is keen to know how this year Bigg Boss 2015 House look like from inside well we are about to reveal that.

Keeping the theme Double Trouble in mind the contestants who will enter in jodis would be seen sharing same beds. Per jodi would be sharing one double bed as there are no single ones this time and also the plates would be in double, in short each and everything would be in double. Bigg Boss 9 Grand Premiere

Talking about the interior of the house of Bigg Boss 9, it is decorated with vibrant colours and the most interesting thing is ‘Bigg Boss 9’ house garden will be having a fortune teller statue. Each contestant would get a chance every week to know his or her fortune.

Bigg Boss 9 garden area also has one mini swimming pool with seven benches for each one jodi. The living room of the house has a vintage sort of interior in combination to vibrant colors. Bigg Boss 9

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Something new the viewers will witness in the ‘Bigg Boss 9’ house this time around is that the house will have an upper floor in the garden year where couples in two can sit. The confession room would be a grand and royal in velvet and the bathrooms would be large in red and gold combination with velvet furniture.

Bigg Boss 9 Ghar House Inside Andhar Photos & Images

Checkout the inside pictures of Bigg Boss 9 House (Bigg Boss 9 ke Ghar Ke Andhar Ki Photos) that we have featured below :-


Swimming Pool Picture


Bigg Boss 9 House Living Area Picture


Kitchen of Bigg Boss 9 House Picture


Bigg Boss 9 House Garden Area Picture


Dining Area Picture


Confession Room Picture


Bedroom Picture


Bathroom Picture



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