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Filmy Kutappe – 30 in English (Translated by Anoopinder Kaur)

Mujhe tum mil gye hum dum..sahara ho to aisa ho..jidhar dekhon udhar tum ho..nazaara ho to aisa ho..Lata”. Since my big brother was busy with his business dealings, I was left alone at the tender age of 13, to cruise around Bombay, which I gladly did “Le gyi dil gudiya Japan ki.. paagal muje kr diya..kitani rangeen hain hawaayein..Japani gudiya muskuraayein..Lata”.

One day I went to SantaCruz Airport to watch an airplane, when luckily , the cast of the movie “Love in Tokyo” landed on the very airport and to receive them, many other stars came there.”Oh meri Saah-e-Khuda..oh merijaane janaana..Aa zara..lehraake aa zara..aankhon se dil mein smaa zara..tere bhi dil mein lagi hai aag, mere bhi dil mein lagi hai aag..dono dilon par bjli hai giri..Rafi” Asha Parekh, Jay Mukharji, Pran, Mehmood and others visited there and I relished the time looking at the then biggest stars of Indian cinema. “Sayonara Sayonara..Vaada nibhaungi Sayonara…Ithlaati balkhaati Kl fir aungi Sayonara..Lata”.

My brother and I were going to our Bombay VT office in our red Standard car, when it broke down. The moment we started looking for the problem, two men approached and asked us to sell the car to them since they were to use it for the shooting of some action scene in a movie. “Uss Mulak ki sarhad ko koi chhoo nahi sakta..Jis mulak ki sarhad ki nigebaan hain aankhein..Aankhon se bada koi taraazoo nahi..insaan ke sach jhooth ki pehchaan hain aankhein.”

I cruised around Bombay for just about two months yet, when on a fateful day, my parents from Barnala called up and blew me with the jaw-dropping news of I failing my 8th standard exams.”Aj kl tere mere pyark charche..har zubaan parsabko maalum hai aur sabko khabar ho gyi..” All my dreams and plans to watch movies and study further in Bombay came crashing down when my brother got me on the very next train, back to Barnala. “Chakke pe chakka..Chakke pe gaadi..Gadi pe nikli..apni swaari..”

Had I not failed the exams, I would have been staying in Bombay, probably would have been some director, producer, or a prominent person in film industry by now. But alas! All wishes are not meant to come true.”Milti hai zindagi mein mohabat kabhi kabhi..pesh ayegi zindagi ki zaroorat kabhi kabhi..Lata” I even missed out watching Aankhein, which was to release the very next day of my departure. I comforted myself with its songs on radio, while in Barnala and would pacify myself for failing my exams. “Gairon se karam, apno se sitam..Ae jaane vafa yeh zulm na kr..Sau teer chla seene pe magar ..Begaane se milkar vaar na kr..Lata

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