Bitcoin Moneyline VS Point Spread Betting


Bitcoin Moneyline VS Point Spread Betting: The sports betting industry is growing remarkably, unlocking new wagering options. Traditional bets like the spread bets and moneyline are not going anywhere despite the booming flexibility. They remain the most popular stakes for punters in the best BTC betting sites.

Bitcoin Moneyline VS Point Spread BettingHowever, you may want to hit the brakes on the new wagering options at BTC betting sites until you’ve mastered these two traditional bets. They are practically the most uncomplicated wagers you can make right now in any sportsbook. But the question falls back to which is better for you.

You can use either moneyline or point spread wagering to get quick and easy cashouts from BTC betting sites. Regardless of their simplicity at BTC betting sites, both options have their advantages and limitations. This article will explain the core differences between both bets at BTC betting sites and give you some strategies to make the best of them.

How Moneyline Works at BTC betting sites

Before we compare both options, let’s take a moment to look at how moneyline works in BTC betting sites. This option will probably be the first you run to when you want to place wagers at BTC betting sites. It is not surprising because this bet is the simplest to undersrand even for newbies at BTC betting sites.

In moneyline bets, you pick which team will win a specific game. Many players at BTC betting sites will argue that it is easier to pick winners than bet on other distinctive elements in a game. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about score lines or other variances.

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To illustrate how the moneyline bet works, let’s look at an example. Maybe you want to place bitcoin wagers on a soccer match on the best BTC betting sites. Here is what a typical moneyline could be in the game:

  • Chicago Fire +280
  • Los Angeles FC -300

The numbers attached to the teams represent the return in factors of 100, which could be USD or any other currency. In this example, Los Angeles FC will likely win the game as they are the clear favourites. Hence, the BTC betting sites or sportsbooks demand more cash  to get a good return.

In the game, you will have to wager $300/0.009BTC to get $100/0.003BTC in profit using the above line. On the other hand, you will get $280/0.0084 in returns if you bet $100/00.3BTC on Chicago Fire. The higher profit is because Chicago Fire has little chance of winning the match.

How to Make Point Spread Betting

A point spread is another way to make easy cash in BTC betting sites. It is one of the traditional bets you can place on any sportsbook. Notwithstanding, get ready for more risks if you want to make this wager.

Is the added risk worth it? Or should you stick to the safe bet only? BTC betting sites usually offer more returns for point spread bets than moneyline.

You will find point spread wagering more in football and basketball matches, but you can get it in other games. BTC betting sites handicap the favourite by a specific number of points. As a result, it is easier for bettors to stake on either side of the event.

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Point spreads allow BTC betting sites to obtain the same amount of cash  on either side of a game. You have to predict the difference in the final scoreline. Notwithstanding, this option allows you to wager on the winning or losing team.

The final score must fall within your wagered range if you want to win this bet on BTC betting sites. Let’s look at how a typical point spread betting will work in a basketball game.

  • Utah Jazz +7.5
  • Los Angeles Lakers -7.5

Los Angeles Lakers will have to win the game by at least eight points for your wager to bring returns. On the other hand, Utah Jazz has to lose the match by <= seven points or pull off an upset to give you a win.

Differences Between Moneyline and Point Spread

As seen earlier, moneyline depends solely on which team wins, while you can win point spread irrespective of the winning team. Point spread in BTC betting sites focuses on the scoreline at the end of a game.

Another key difference is that you need more cash to get substantial returns if you are betting on the favourite in moneyline. On the flip side, you get more returns in point spread whether you wagered on the preferences or the underdogs.

Is Spread Betting better Than Moneyline?

The apparent reason you are placing stakes in BTC betting sites is to win some cash. You will have to take more risks to win more cash in this wagering industry. Consequently, point spread betting at BTC betting sites promises more cash than moneyline wagers.

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Moneyline bets are indeed better in certain sports, but it takes more to make real cash with them. The best thing is to go for point spread if the sports you want to wager in have that option.

Spread bets are usually the best, but ensure it is suitable for the given circumstance before using them at BTC betting sites. Additionally, you might want to be conservative with point spread bets even when sportsbooks include them in games. They bring more payouts but carry additional risks than moneyline.

The best approach is to savour the low-risk moneyline bets first if you are new to BTC betting sites. Eventually, you can hit the pedal and dive into point spread betting when you are ready to make real cash.

Notwithstanding, if you have a large bankroll, going for moneyline will be the safest option for substantial cash out. You can include the two wagers in your BTC betting sites bet slips to enjoy the best of both worlds. However, you cannot add them as legs to your parlay bet in a single event.

Therefore, which one would you prefer? To pick a winner for the match or predict the scoreline?


It is easy to place moneyline bets because all you have to do is pick a potential winner in a game. On the contrary, a point spread wager carries more risk because it involves the scoreline. While you can place both bets in one betting slip, you cannot make them in a single event.


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