Bloodline Music is all set to go Desi with Lal Pari


Bloodline Music is all set to go Desi with Lal Pari : Hookah-Hookah, No Makeup and Kaash are some of the well-received and in vogue music by Bloodline music, a noted music production company, located at the UK.

Lal Pari

Going desi is what this UK based composer truly reckon on and one more time, Bloodline has turned up with their new compose, Lal Pari and it has been released today for people to relish the modern.

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Bloodline’s record label, Envy worldwide has already composed and merged music for Dr. Zeus and Bilal saeed, which was on track. This term too, they have created an impressive music for Lal Pari and the voice for this song is endowed by singer Sunny Hayre and produced by Vinay Bhardwaj. Bloodline has composed several hit songs and now Lal Pari one of their new artwork and certainly, bloodline has completed the Punjab song with an electrifying and dynamic beat.

Mr. Bubble, the talented music director of Bloodline music says, “It requires a lot of dedication and efforts to complete the desired work and definitely I am always upbeat, thrilled and glad to compose music. I hope we will continue in gaining love from our music followers for our upcoming compose.”

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Throwing light upon the new song, Lal Pari, the producer, Vinay Bhardwaj states, “Bloodline music is sure a great artist to work with. They are very passionate about music and have given numerous hits. Undoubtedly the new song will be a legitimate success.”

In the near future, Bloodline production will be releasing some fresh and experimental post amidst the producer Vinay Bhardwaj. Dushman, Bang Bang and Sangram Singh’s Wo Safar are said to be among some of their experiment work. With decent popularity and followers, bloodline will surely gain huge prominence and success in their coming days. Bloodline has given music to multiple hit music videos and continues their passion for making abiding refined music.


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