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Bonita launches in-a-first health-friendly stainless steel bowls fit for microwave use

  • Paradise Microwavable Freeze Bowls will provide alternative to plastic, which is touted as unsafe for heating purposes
  • Available in a set of three eye-catchy bowls, each one is good to freeze, store, reheat and serve food 

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : In no less than a revolution, India’s leading home utility maker — Bonita — has launched stainless steel bowls which can be used in microwave for heating purposes, finally bringing to an end worries of homemakers who until now had no option other than using plastic utensils, some of which are rendered unsafe for health.


Plastic utensils replaced to a large extent glass products used for heating eatables in microwave on account of being easy to handle. However, health hazards related to them made people cautious in their use. But in the absence of any alternative, people had no choice but to either use fragile glass or unsafe plastic products for microwaving food.

The introduction of Bonita’s latest product — Paradise Microwavable Freeze Bowls — not only will bring reprieve to those worried about the health risks of plastic, but also make the homemakers’ lives convenient by limiting the hassles of storing food in different containers for freezing, heating and serving as now all of that can be done in colorful and eye-catchy Bonita bowl.

“Recent researches have shown that few chemicals are there in plastic which are very harmful for health. These chemicals are believed to cause a lot of health issues like obesity, hit fertility rate giving rise to reproductive problems, and cancer. One should avoid microwaving food in plastic containers as most of us don’t know the grade of the plastics okay for use. We should even avoid freezing food in plastic bowls, because the temperature can cause chemicals to leach into eatables once we heat them. So I strongly suggest use of ceramic, glass or stainless steel products for microwaving food,” says Dr Swati Srivastava, Nutritionist and Founder of Health Today.

Built in stainless steel with metallic colour coating, the exterior of the product has a heat-proof plastic covering which saves the bowls from any scratches. Given the interior is steel, the food is not exposed to plastic, hence it remains safe.

“We have tested this product as per most stringent standards i.e. European Standards for Microwave Safe testing at TUV Sud which is a premier International lab. Under this European standard, the bowls are tested for microwave safety for short duration (3 mins) and long duration (15 mins) as also checks the temperature post the procedure. Bonita bowls satisfies all the parameters. The airtight plastic lid keeps the content fresh for a very long time. A single bowl is sufficient to store, freeze, reheat and serve food. We have also applied for the patent rights of this technology,” said Umang Srivastava, Joint Managing Director, Bonita.

Available in a set of three bowls in as many colors such as red, turquoise green and purple, the trendy Paradise Microwavable Freeze Bowls will be available at all the leading retail stores and customers can even buy it online through Snapdeal.

The company alongside has also launched Glory Snack Servers and Ecstasy Dessert Bowls, each available in a set of three pieces and in similar colours as of Praadise Microwavable bowls to create a complete range. The Glory Snack Server comes with a tray and spoon and is available in a set of five and seven pieces, while it is a set of three bowls for Paradise Microwavable Freeze Bowls and 14 for Ecstasy Dessert Bowls. The colors of the bowls are long lasting and of Food Grade Quality. They are durable and dishwasher safe too.

Bonita’s products are aimed at the small urban homes of Indian metros and serve the dual needs of meeting the storage requirements and adding beauty to home décor.

The vast range of products of Bonita include beautifully designed laundry baskets, capacity vacuum bags, elegant ironing boards and mats, space saving wall dryers and colourful shoe racks, among others.

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