Breast cancer survivors take part in ramp show at Max Hospital



NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The pink colour reign the stage as in a vibrant show of spirit to mark breast cancer awareness the breast cancer survivors today walked the ramp at Max Super Specialty Hospital (MSSH), Mohali today. The show was conceptualized and choreographed by the doctors and staff of Oncology Department.

The brave cancer survivors jubilantly walked the ramp at the fashion show titled ‘Tree of Hope’. They did the catwalk with Dr Sachin Gupta, Dr Gautam both Sr. Oncologists and Dr Sunandan Sharma, Dr Shaweta Gupta and Dr Ritesh  the Oncology Surgeons besides other doctors . The idea was to celebrate the courage and spirit of cancer survivors, who came dressed in pink colour. The participants in show stuck pink ribbons to the ‘Tree of Hope’ and pledged their support in fight against Breast Cancer.

Speaking during occasion, Dr Sachin Gupta, Sr Consultant, Medical Oncology, MSSH said that our endeavor was to touch as many lives as possible and also to celebrate the spirit of cancer survivors. They would also learn to be alert for any early symptoms and aware of various treatments available to cure cancer. Despite improvement in diseases awareness, nearly 700 women in India were reported to have breast cancer every day. Nearly 2.5-lakh new cases of cancer occurred every year, informed Dr Gupta. During occasion, Onco Psychologist, Ms Aaffreen Dhaliwal introduced the concept of Tai-Chi which was a Chinese exercise system that used slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation of both body and mind. Patients whole heartedly participated along with the doctors and other nursing staff in practicing Tai-Chi.

Dr Sunandan Sharma, Sr Consultant, Surgical Oncology discussed the post surgery rehabilitation besides giving information about breast prosthesis and reconstructive surgery. The event was aimed at restoring the self esteem and making the patients believe that they were a very significant part of society. Lectures on diet and exercise were delivered by Dr Shivani Gulati and Dr Richa Nagrath which  helped the patients to be on the right track of physical health and also made them feel important and accepted and an integral part of society. Importance of Yoga and meditation was reinforced in the session.

Nina Gill, a survivor said that it has been a wonderful three years’ journey and we were extremely pleased and satisfied with the outcome. It was a brilliant effort to create awareness for cancer through the ‘Tree of Hope’ and we were proud to be a part of such noble cause, said Neelam Sood who suffered the disease for 2 years before recovering fully. Meanwhile to prevent the disease, Max Hospital was making many efforts that included finding ways to identify those women most at risk, understanding better how preventive drugs work and finding ways to help women make lifestyle changes to lower their risk, pointed out Dr Sunandan Sharma.


  • Media queries: Jagmeet Singh Ghuman


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