Oktober Fest, a Beer Festival gets underway at Underdoggs


Underdoggs organizes Oktober Fest, a beer festival, announces unique Pool Tournament

Beer Festival, Oktober Fest at Underdoggs, Pool tournament on anvil


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Festivals mainly associated with beer guzzling are held in September – October in Europe. One such Fiesta — Oktoberfest is the world’s largest fair held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Large quantities of beer is consumed, with almost 7 million litres served during the 16 day festival in 2007. Taking a queue; Underdoggs Tricity’s only true sports bar has announced its Beer festival – ‘Oktober Fest’ at its Elante Mall outlet in Chandigarh. The festival will continue till 30th Oct. The Underdoggs fest will be a paradise for Beer lovers. Says Mr. Rish Saini, Co CEO & Director of Marketing,Underdoggs, “There are enticing offers on Beer during the festival. Four main Beers – Carlsberg, Tuborg, Carling and SOL will be the centre of attraction. The reason: There is a 2+1 offer on Carlsberg & Tuborg mugs. Beer enthusiasts can also avail of a 2+1 offer on Carling and SOL. What’s more, there is a 50 per cent off on any second beer tube order.” There are Beers like Tsingtao & Hoegaarden also available at the Fest. The menu boasts of 15+ types of beers enjoyed at bars the World over. Another novelty is Beer on tap which comes to you in multiple sizes to suit your table – from a pint to a sporty Beer tube (2.64ltrs), it makes beer drinking a team act, and looks super cool on the table. A UD Special Brew — Beer Cocktails are also part of the Festival.

As Sports is at the heart of it all in Underdoggs, the Oktober Fest will culminate in a sporty event — a Pool Tournament, which certainly will be one of a kind for the tricity. The tournament will be played on from 26th Oct 2014 from 11 am onwards at Underdoggs, Elante Mall, which has the Pool tables & required infrastructure for hosting the competition.  The winner will get Rs. 50,000 & a trophy, the First Runner Up Rs. 30,000 & a Medal. and the Second Runner Up walks away with Rs. 10,000 & a Medal. Top 3 placers will be given a direct entry into the next pool tournament in November. Those interested may register online at www.underdoggs.com

It is noteworthy that more than a year back Underdoggs made its entry in to Chandigarh at Elante Mall. Since then their mouth watering delicacies have been savoured and enjoyed by the citizens of the Tricity in a family compatible modern setting. Added to this the classy Sports Bar & Grill has been periodically bringing artistes in the field of music to entertain guests in a matchless environment. Now the Oktoberfest beckons Beer enthusiasts. Come one come all, let us make the Oktoberfest as grand as the one held in Germany.


Celebrating Oktober Fest


Erdinger Dunkel (Dark wheat beer)                  Germany

Erdinger weibbier (Wheat Beer)                         Germany

Sol (Malted barley)                                                   Mexico

Leffe blond (Malted barley)                                   Belgium

Carling (Lager beer Wheat & Barley)                 UK

Tsing Tao (Malt & Rice Beer)                                 China

Amstel (Malted barley & Sugar)                           Holland

Murphy (Irish Stout beer)                                      Ireland

Carlsberg premium                                                   Denmark

Carlsberg Elephant (Strong beer)                        Denmark

Heineken (Malted barley & Hops)                       Holland


Deals for the Oktoberfest

2+1 on Carlsberg & Tuborg Mugs

50% off ANY second beer tube order (Domestic & Imported)

2+1 on Carling & Sol beer

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