Britannia NutriChoice Unveils the ‘Tastiest Way to Have Oats’

Health is important, but healthy food is often not tasty. Consumers are more health conscious today, but often taste is a key barrier to healthy snacking. Britannia Industries Ltd. today announced the launch of NutriChoice Oats Chocolate & Almond Cookies, the tastiest way to have Oats.
The first Chocolate variant to be launched under NutriChoice and the third within the NutriChoice Oats sub brand. NutriChoice Oats Chocolate & Almond aims to break preconceived notions that healthy food cannot be tasty.
The launch of NutriChoice Oats Chocolate & Almond comes on the back of the insight that there is a growing preference for healthy snacks, but taste remains an important deciding factor. Oats, a health favourite often loses the battle to taste as it is deemed as a bland ingredient. To counter this perception and to make Oats more palatable and bridge the gap between Health & Taste, Chocolate has been introduced into NutriChoice Oats cookies.
“A good choice can go a long way. But very often, the first step towards eating healthy is the hardest one to take. Since its inception two years back, NutriChoice has constantly pushed the boundaries of taste to make the consumption of healthy foods more palatable. The all- new Oats cookies, now with delicious chocolate and wholesome almonds is the perfect combination of taste and health, and a great reason to start having oats” said Ali Harris Shere, VP – Marketing, Britannia Industries Limited.
 In sync with the launch, NutriChoice Oats Chocolate & Almond Cookies will be kick-starting a new campaign spread across TV, digital and Social media.
The NutriChoice Oats brand (launched in 2016) is already the 3rd biggest sub brand within the premium health biscuits portfolio in the country today. NutriChoice Oats Chocolate & Almond Cookies will be available at Rs. 25 (75 grams) and Rs. 50 (150 grams).
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