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California Pizza Kitchen continues to give its guests a pizza pantheon in the city!

California Pizza KitchenNewZNew (New Delhi) : California Pizza Kitchen’s new gambit, the Pizza Trails, is all set to tantalise your taste buds with an eclectic smorgasbord of pizzas that have never been seen, or should we say, eaten before. Pizzas are an all-time favourite for people across the globe, but every country has its own versions that are tailor-made to please the local palate. Foodies can now indulge in a variety of lip-smacking pizzas from 10 countries starting October 15 – November 15, 2015 only at California Pizza Kitchen, India’s most popular pizza destination. Whether you like your sauces spicy, tangy, flavor-infused or bland, there is something for everyone on the menu.

With the Pizza Trails menu, India’s popular local ingredient paneer, aka cottage cheese, makes its way onto a scrumptious pizza crust with the ‘Rustica Indiana’ pizza. While that’s for India, how does the rest of the world top their pizzas? ‘In Rome, do as the Romans do’. So at California Pizza Kitchen, we have topped the ‘Romesco Pizza’ with Rome’s classic romesco sauce. If you want a taste of Mexico try the ‘Frijoles A La Mexicana’ pizza that will make your mouth water as the local flavours of spicy bean sauce and Mexican chilly blended with crispy tortilla transport you to the land of tequila.

Cheese-Burger-Pizza-at-California-Pizza-kitchenThat’s not all! Discover the exquisite flavours of Italy, Hungary, S.Africa, Lebanon and America, all on a thin pizza crust baked to perfection. Italy, where pizza originated, is represented by the ‘Con Verdure Pizza’ while Hungary’s ‘Zesty Meatball Pizza’, a treat for all spice lovers, is generously drizzled with special marinara sauce and traditional meat balls. Peri Peri, a South African flavour that bowled over foodies across the globe will now make its way into California Pizza Kitchen with the Peri Peri Pizza. If all that food talk made you hungry, there’s more. For a slice of Lebanon, try the ‘Harissa Pizza’. America’s favourite food – the classic cheeseburger – gets converted into the ‘Cheeseburger Pizza’.


However, the real twist lies in the uniqueness of strong flavours from Thailand and Germany. The ‘Thai Curry Pizza’ is sure to leave you craving for more. Germany’s ‘Sauerbraten Pizza’, is everything that German food ever stood for.

This is not it, go get your ‘Pizza Passport’ at California Pizza Kitchen. As you feast on each delicious pizza from the Pizza Trail menu, get a stamp! On collection of 2 stamps, get a complimentary mocktail; 3 stamps, get a complimentary Epiphany and 4 stamps, get a complimentary 9”pizza.


The Pizza Trails menu is a sure-shot way to provide you with a global experience without stepping out of the country. The Pizza Trails festival will take place across all California Pizza Kitchen outlets in India and go on till November 15. So it’s time to dig into delectable pizzas from across the world, nowhere else but here at California Pizza Kitchen!

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