Chandigarh’s Pumpkart Plans to bring Alibaba E Commerce in India

  • Chandigarh’s well known E Commerce portal – announces expansion, plans to bring  appliances, electronics, mobiles in first phase
  • Chandigarh’s to go the O2O  way, with tech savvy app

Though Chandigarh’s renowned Start Up, Pumpkart started with water pumps initially, it now aims to scale it’s  business by adoption of an O2O model. This concept is prevalent in China and the giant E-Commerce company Alibaba is a live example of this. “Our new & trend setting E Commerce format will connect with the customer online and according to their requirement, we will divert them to the offline stores where they will get access to the products as per their needs. Our application will be offering them facilities like E-wallets, M-Coupons for daily offers and reward points. The added advantage is that we will be offering financing facilities for even small appliances and it would be done by the financing Institutions online, rather than visiting their offline outlets . ” Said K S Bhatia, Founder,

To start with Pumpkart will be is focusing in the area of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. The app will be accessible through Pan India and will also come up with the feature of regional language as to aid the clients.

The products available will start from small appliances ranging to complete electronics and other luxury appliances as well. “Not confined to this we will gradually add up the complete range of lifestyle and pharmaceutical products.” Said K S Bhatia.

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By using the advanced technology the aim of Pumpkart is  to create a bespoke model of business ideology and bring it into realization. The app with the latest and updated features will be launched by mid July.

Since Kapil Dev is the brand ambassador of Pumpkart and is a renowned figure so the company products are getting  good mileage. “It is noteworthy that the Pumpkart van which was launched from Mohali recently by Navjot Singh Sidhu, Minister of Local Government, Punjab,  is doing a great job of making people understand the new O2O concept.” Sums up Bhatia.


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