Charmed Season 3 – When It Is Coming On Netflix?


Charmed Season 3 – When It Is Coming On Netflix?: Charmed is an American supernatural drama series and is the remake of a famous series of the same name from the early 1900s.

Charmed Season 3

The series did face a lot of mixed reviews. But at the end of season 2, it would be safe to say that it gained a substantial amount of jump in quality.

Fans have to wait the proposed period of 1 year but the famous season 3 of charmed is finally here. It is airing brand new episodes on the CW app and network every week.

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Charmed – Know More About it!


The show follows three sisters Diaz, Jefferey, and Mantock who find themselves to be witches in the wake of their mother’s death. Now this powerful trio must be together to save humanity from devils that descend upon earth. 

In season 3 ‘The charmed ones’ and their whitelighter Harry continue the fight against the Faction- a cabal of a human trying to snatch magic for themselves.

Charmed season 3: What is the Plot of this Show?


The charmed ones and the mystical world find themselves in a bit of danger. At the end of season 2 as Julian asserted that he would bring Macy back and do whatever it takes.

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Meanwhile, Harry and Macy’s newly solidified love hangs in a balance as Harry asks Maggie to change his feelings towards her sister.

So, will Mel ever find true love? Will there be a destruction of the sisterhood? Or will the charmed ones destroy the destroyer?

The answers to all these questions will unravel in the brand new season 3. The charmed ones will be back again with Mel’s activism reignited and Macy’s returning to her science roots. Season 3 will contain a total of 18 episodes which started airing on Jan 24 2021 and the season finale will be aired on July 16.

Charmed season 3 cast

These are the main characters of the Charmed season 3-

  •     The charmed trio sisters Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock, and Sarah Jefferey return as Mel, Macy, and Maggy. It would be hard to imagine a show without them.
  •     Rupert Evans also returned as whitelighter Harry Greenwood.
  •     Jordan Donica as Jordan
  •     Nick Hargrove and Poppy Drayton were seen as Parker and Abby.

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When will Charmed season 3 be on Netflix?

With the season 3 finale just around the corner, a lot of us are wondering when the whole series is gonna be on Netflix.

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Unlike the first and second seasons which came in the month of may previous years, season 3 has to wait for a little while due to the ongoing pandemic.

Season 3 is expected to wrap up by 16th July and after seeing the previous trends. We can be sure that the show will come on Netflix 8 days after the season finale. So it should be dropping around the last week of July 2021.

Will there be a Charmed: Season 4?

If we talk about the conventional ratings the show doesn’t do very well but the network’s monetization depends very much on its airing.

In addition, CW has renewed most of its scripted shows. The end of the series is inevitable but I’m quite sure that it will be renewed for season 4. We’ll inform you about any news regarding the renewal of the 4th season.

What are the ratings of this show?

The series currently has a 4.5 out of 10 IMDb rating based on 12,414 user votes. Compared to the 2nd season, that’s down by 49% in the demo and down by 42% in viewership.

The audience loved the series and appreciated the performance of the cast. Also, the audience has rated the show with 3.9 in the Audience rating summary. 

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As someone who’s a fan of the original WB’s Charmed, one had to be cautious while watching the season 3 should be started with lower expectations.

Though compared to the previous season ‘Charmed’ is improving, I seriously doubt that it will ever be as fine as the original one.

Overall as a huge fan of modern fantasy, I will recommend this reboot because of the genre. It is something that takes time to grow, and what I’m most curious about is how the character of Craig Parker will turn out


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