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Charmsukh Majboori Web Series Ullu 2022 Full Episodes Cast, Actress, Release Date, Story & Watch Online

Charmsukh Majboori Web Series Ullu 2022 full Episodes Cast, Actress, Release Date, Story & Watch Online: Charmsukh Majboori is an upcoming web series from Ullu App. The web series will be released under the Charmsukh series. Charmsukh Majboori belongs to the Erotic, Drama genre.

Charmsukh Majboori Web Series Ullu 2022 full Episodes

Charmsukh Majboori web series cast features Priya Gamre in the lead role other cast details will be updated soon. Charmsukh Majboori web series release date is 18 February 2022.

Watch online Charmsukh Majboori web series all episodes on the Ullu App. Charmsukh is the most popular series from the Ullu App. Charmsukh Majboori web series is only suitable for audiences above 18 years of age.

Ullu App’s previous released web series in the Charmsukh series are Impotent, Tuition Teacher, Train, Live Streaming, and more. While Priya Gamre was last seen in the web series Gaachi.

Charmsukh Majboori Web Series Story

Charmsukh Majboori is the story of a man who is divorced. His parents forced him to marry. When he went to see the lady for marriage. Where she introduced her daughter named Zaara to him. He was attracted to the girl. After the marriage, he told his wife to call Zaara to their house.

He always tries to impress Zaara for this he has also given her a scooty. The trailer shows on one night he goes to the place where Zaara was sleeping and kissed her and then Zaara woke up. To know whether he was caught by other family members and his wife and what the girl would do watch the full web series on Ullu App.

The trailer of the web series was released today with the quote “Hath thaama tha unka nai zindagi ke liye aur chaaha tha sirf pyar, niyat mein unki khot hi tha magar, kiya har rishte ko sharmsaar.” Charmsukh Majboori web series watch online on Ullu App from 18 February 2022. Charmsukh Majboori web series cast Priya Gamre in the lead role.

Charmsukh Majboori Web Series Cast

Priya Gamre

Charmsukh Majboori Web Series Details

Title Majboori – Charmsukh
Cast Priya Gamre
Genre Erotic, Drama
Type Web Series
Series Charmsukh
Release Date 18 February 2022
Online Video Platform Ullu App
Language Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam
Country India
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