Chef Wen Wang Creates Magic at Black Lotus


Laying claim to being one of the first authentic fine dining Chinese restaurants of City Beautiful, Black Lotus, has always held a coveted place in the heart of food lovers. While the ambience and luxury element of the restaurant is no doubt very special, it has always been its authentic food that has drawn crowds. In keeping with this trend, Expat Chef Wen Wang from Beijing takes the menu on an all new high with some delectable dishes from his part of the world.

Having already introduced the only hot-pots in Chandigarh and impressed with the unique flavours of his clay pots, this time round Chef plays with some special cooking methods from China.

Chef goes on to explain that when it comes to oriental food, retaining the unique taste of each ingredient is just as important as ensuring that the nutrition is also retained. Based on this philosophy the cooking method in China does not involve too much heat exposure.

An entire steam section in the menu will have guests drooling with the many options offered. Right from dim sums to bao to kothes, one can try them all in a variety of fillings. Another very attractive addition is the salads that have been brought in. In fact the Chef Wen Wang salad in the menu is something that is a personal recipe of the Chef himself and he recommends it specially.

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The starters have also undergone an interesting change. Taking a step back from the deep fry cooking concept, Chef has come up with a sauté and wok tossed mix of recipes. Not only are the flavours very enigmatic here, but the health quotient of the meal is also kept at an all-time high. Wok tossed water chestnut with burnt garlic, is a dish that the Chef suggests to guests who like their vegetables crunchy and yummy.

Old favourites like the Peking duck and grills have been retained in the new menu. Chef Wen Wang has played a lot with aubergine and okra too in order to create some ‘never seen before dishes’ in the main course. Meat lovers will be spoilt for choice with almost all kinds of meats being roped in. Right from chicken, lamb, pork and even sea food, one can try it all in different styles of cooking and presentations.

Mr Surinder Singh, General Manager Taj Chandigarh feels that evolving is important and even though the previous menu was hitting a home run, he did feel that Chef’s suggestion were very unique and would be welcomed by guests whole-heartedly.

The new menu that Black Lotus introduces, promises to be a delight in more ways than one. Guests can enjoy some authentic dishes from China and tease their palate with these new and unique flavours. Like Chef Wen Wang puts it ‘you have to try them to enjoy them’.

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