Chitkara University’s Education program starts with Padam Bhushan Dr. Mallika Sarabhai’s address


Chitkara University’s Education program starts with Padam Bhushan Dr. Mallika Sarabhai’s address: Chitkara College of Education (CCE) welcomed B.Ed. and M.Ed. students on the first day of their intellectual journey to become Alpha Teachers and Alpha Masters. 

Chitkara University’s Education program starts

On the occasion Dr Mallika Sarabhai, a renowned Indian Classical Dancer, Actor and Activist and Mr Vikramjit Singh Rooprai, an Author, Educator and Historian, were invited as the eminent resource persons, to conduct an expert session on Performing Arts.

They helped the new batches condition to the use of Performing Arts as a classroom pedagogy-restructuring tool, through highly enriching and engaging sessions on “Edutainment Katha” and “The Art of Storytelling in Teaching.”

Theatre and Performing Arts are evocative teaching methodologies, which not only engage the creative side of the brain but also provide an ideal balance in the students’ patterns of study. As it’s easy for children to become swamped in a sea of theory, experiential learning helps to rejuvenate and engage the students, iterated, both the speakers while sharing the noteworthy objectives of the said sessions.

Further, Dr Sarabhai and Mr Rooprai praised Chitkara University for developing such influential & avant-garde B.Ed. and M.Ed. programs, which are in sync with the industry and cater to the demands of the Generation-alpha and Generation-Z learning styles.

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Addressing the new batches at the Orientation Program, Dr Madhu Chitkara, Hon’ble Pro Chancellor, Chitkara University enunciated that it is very important to keep pace with the latest educational trends and techniques when teaching the millennial and digital natives. The students these days have a very short attention span and it becomes exigent for an educator to formulate captivating lessons for the dynamic learners. However, the inclusion of Performing Arts in education provides pupils with an excellent opportunity to enthral their mind, body and emotions into a collaborative expression. Our Pedagogy Maestros for the day, Dr Mallika Sarabhai and Mr Vikramjit Singh Rooprai, magnificently depicted the same in their instructive expert talk and workshop.


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