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CLAAS India celebrates 25 glorious years of harvesting excellence

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : CLAAS India is a perfect example of Make in India, by catering to the need of Indian farmers for the past 25 years with innovative and latest farm equipment.

To kick start the 25th year of CLAAS in India, Mrs. Cathrina Claas-Muehlhaeuser, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of CLAAS KGaAmbH, popularly known as CLAAS Group, recently visited the factory at Morinda (near Chandigarh), Sales company HQ at Faridabad (Haryana) and regional headquarters at Bangalore. CLAAS, a German-based company, is world’s leading manufacturer of agriculture machinery with over 100 years’ legacy.  The visit also came at a time, when CLAAS has reported good sales performance valued at Euro 3.8 Billion despite a downturn in the overall farm equipment industry.


During the visit, Mrs. Claas attributed this success to the international presence and wide product range of CLAAS. She also mentioned that while most of the success is led by Europe, India was an important part of this success story.

Highlighting the success story in India in just 25 years, Mrs. Claas said “CLAAS in India, has been instrumental in bringing about the grain harvesting revolution in the country. From the DOMINATOR Combine Harvesters in 1980s to CROP TIGER combine harvesters in 1991, we take pride in the fact that CLAAS is recognized as a technology and the market leader in bringing solutions to farmers in India that improve operating efficiency and result in higher savings”.

Further acknowledging the importance of imparting the latest technology know-how to the local community in India, Mrs. Claas also congratulated the CLAAS team on establishing nine Training Academies at various locations, largely in collaboration with Indian Agricultural Universities. These training centers not only provide training on the day-to-day operation of the machines but also on the various aspects of repair and maintenance.

Highlighting the future expansion plans, Mrs. Claas shared “The current interest in the country in improving low level mechanization and yield in Maize (Corn) aligns with our product offering. CLAAS is working towards creating more products suited for Indian markets, and we shall launch new products in short & medium term to fill the rapidly developing requirement”.

CLAAS recently launched the self propelled JAGUAR Forage Harvester, in which it is the global leader, and is currently working on additional solutions that meet the requirements and limitations of maize fields of various sizes.


Sharing her expectations from the upcoming union budget, Mrs. Claas mentioned ‘We are looking forward to the upcoming Union budget. There are many expectations of the business community pertaining to rationalization of the tax structure and increased public spending that will be the key to keep rolling the economic wheel of the country. We hope that the Government is able to remove barriers to loans for the marginal farmers, so they have access to better farm equipment and machinery.”

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