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CM conducts surprise visit to government schools in Rupnagar

Says motive is not fault finding but to streamline things at grass root level Announces that bus services are being provided to students in government schools in Punjab No government school will be deprived of any facilities Students are shifting to government schools from private schools CM exudes confidence that the government schools will yield excellent results during the current academic session Centres are being set up in various districts to impart Civil Services training to students

CM conducts surprise visit to government schools in Rupnagar : Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann on Wednesday conducted a surprise inspection to several government schools in the district to take first hand information about the ongoing revolutionary changes in the state’s education sector.

CM conducts surprise visit to government schools in Rupnagar

The Chief Minister visited School of Eminence in Sukho Majra and Government Senior Secondary School in Lutheri, Rupnagar and others to inspect the existing facilities. During the visit, he emphasized that his intention was not to instill panic but to personally inspect the working of the government schools, aiming to guarantee quality education for children as well as address any shortcomings.

To address the transportation shortage for students commuting from remote areas, the Chief Minister said that the state government is providing buses to all government schools, aiming to ensure that no student is denied education due to resource constraints. He said that earlier insufficient resources led to the mid-way dropout of children, particularly girls due to which the scheme was introduced. However, Bhagwant Singh Mann now, every student will receive the essential facilities needed for their education and the state government is leaving no stone unturned to make it possible.

Expressing satisfaction with the education being provided to children in government schools, the Chief Minister said that during his interaction with the students today, he was delighted to find that all the children had a clear vision of their future professions. He exuded the confidence that the education sector in Punjab is now undergoing a significant transformation. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that a large number of children are moving from private schools to enroll in government schools.

The Chief Minister expressed hope that this shift will yield excellent results for government schools, further bolstering the endeavors of the government. He said that Punjab government is transforming the infrastructure in the government schools and Punjab will surely emerge as a role model across the country. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that all Punjab government schools will soon deliver quality education compared to private schools, and parents will take pride in enrolling their children in the government schools.

The Chief Minister said that government schools in Delhi have transformed the education sector, and presently, these schools exhibit outstanding performance. He expressed that the Punjab government is determined to elevate the state’s education standards to a world-class level. Bhagwant Singh Mann envisioned that in the future, well-trained students from Punjab will secure positions in the world’s leading institutions.

The Chief Minister also stated that the government has appointed campus managers to oversee school arrangements, ensuring smooth operations and education. Listing the important changes made in the school syllabus, he said that positive improvements should be made in the syllabus. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that the life and philosophy of the great Gurus and the unparalleled sacrifices of the martyrs should be a special part of the syllabus in schools, thereby enabling children to get guidance and inspiration from their glorious history.

The Chief Minister said that in the contemporary era of skill development, it is imperative to make essential modifications to the syllabus, ensuring that the students receive education that fosters practical skills. He lamented that it was the misfortune of Punjab that in the past, government schools were craving for basic amenities, but the governments had done nothing to improve these schools. In fact, Bhagwant Singh Mann said that the previous governments had completely neglected sectors like education, denying thousands of the children opportunity to pursue education.

The Chief Minister said that many girls had to drop out of studies midway due to lack of resources which proves the failure of the previous governments. Terming the establishment of 117 ‘Schools of Eminence’  across all districts of the state as institutions promising a bright future for meritorious students, he stressed that the aim of initiating a new revolution in the education sector is to provide guidance and opportunities to talented and capable students, particularly those from government schools. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that this initiative aims to enable them to pursue their dreams, ensuring they achieve high rankings by surpassing their peers in national competitive examinations.

The Chief Minister said that these schools will be developed as institutions to nurturing and refining students’ latent skills, enabling them to choose their preferred professions. He said the state government had sent government school teachers to Singapore for teaching training so that the teachers could get acquainted with the world’s evolving education system. Highlighting the government’s special program to actualize the aspirations of the youth, Bhagwant Singh Mann revealed plans to establish training centers across various districts.

Referring to the special programme chalked out by the state government to realise the dreams of the youth, the Chief Minister said that the Punjab government is setting up training centres in various districts to prepare youngsters for IAS, IPS, IAS officers, and other competitive exams. He said that this will enable the youth to clear the coveted exam and bag the top posts in the government. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that the motive is to make the youth an equal partner in socio-economic growth of the state.

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