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CM Ki Vishesh Charcha programme completes 50 episodes

CM Ki Vishesh Charcha programme completes 50 episodes: Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal, introduced a new chapter in the state’s politics today by engaging with the public in a ‘CM Ki Vishesh Charcha’ programme. ‘CM Ki Vishesh Charcha’ programme completes 50 episodes today.  Initiated a year ago, this programme aimed to gather feedback on the welfare programs being implemented in the state by the government. The Chief Minister highlighted that, unlike sitting in air-conditioned rooms and formulating policies, he prefers to connect with the public directly.

CM Ki Vishesh Charcha programme completes 50 episodes

While congratulating the people of the state for the New Year 2024 in advance, the CM announced that after the inauguration of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya on January 22, 2024, under “Mukhyamantri Teerth Darshan Yojana” arrangements will be made so that the elders of Haryana can visit Ayodhya for the darshan of ‘Ram Lalla’. He also said that after January 25, the Jan Samvad programme will be resumed in a new style and flavour.

During the 50th ‘CM Ki Vishesh Charcha’ programme today, Chief Minister addressed the people of Haryana, stating that it has been a year since the state government started weekly discussions with beneficiaries of various schemes through mobile phones. He emphasized that the programme has provided him with a valuable opportunity to interact directly with people from different sections of society, enabling him to understand their issues, complaints, and suggestions.

Expressing his satisfaction with the programme, the Chief Minister mentioned that through direct interaction, he has gained insights into the challenges faced by the people and has been able to address them effectively. He shared that the programme has been instrumental in improving the implementation of various schemes and services by directly incorporating feedback from the beneficiaries.

Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal highlighted the importance of reaching out to the people and understanding their needs and aspirations. He stated that rather than sitting in ivory towers, his government focuses on creating plans that cater to the needs, hopes, and aspirations of every section of society. He reassured that the government ensures the benefits of these plans reach every eligible person.

The concept of engaging with the public via mobile phones was conceived during a public interaction event in Sonipat on December 9, 2022, where the Chief Minister observed some hesitancy among people in expressing their concerns publicly. To bridge this gap, the mobile-based programme allows simultaneous interaction with thousands of individuals, fostering open and direct communication.

The Chief Minister shared his happiness at the program’s success, stating that in the past year, he has connected with nearly 6.13 lakh people through this weekly initiative. Additionally, discussions were held with approximately 750 beneficiaries of various schemes via mobile phones, and their feedback has played a crucial role in refining and implementing policies effectively.

He expressed gratitude for the 330 identified problems and suggestions, out of which 188 have been resolved, and efforts are ongoing for the rest. He assured the public that their concerns are being taken seriously, and practical solutions are being implemented. He further stated that we will continue such programmes with new colours and flavours.

In response to Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal’s commitment to maintaining discipline and accountability in public service, a significant measure was taken today as he directed the compulsory 15-day leave for XEN, Sh. Jitender Mann of the Irrigation Department in Bhiwani district due to reported misconduct with the general public.


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