Colorful Fungus in Black and White Life – Madan Gupta Spatu


Colorful Fungus in Black and White Life – Madan Gupta Spatu: All our young age was spent in black and white. All romantic movies had to be seen in black and white. In one-half of the films, one-half of the songs were filled with colours.

Colorful Fungus in Black and White Life

Sheesh Mahal song in Mughal E Azam. While the posters of Punjabi films used to be written – Maar Kutai Se Bhapur, while Hindi films also had it written on the banners – Ek Reel Rangeen. The producers used to tell whether their film is Geva Color or Eastman Color, Technicolor or Deluxe Color or Warner Color or Colombia Color.

The album of our marriage is still reminiscent of the films of the bygone era from being black and white. When the world became colourful, my age became old.

Madan Gupta SpatuNow the colorful world of half of the world has been black and white for two years. If only the color is visible then is of the fungus. White fungus is seen on food items or many things, but now only doctors are telling about color of the fungus!

Like the chameleon, the fungus is also changing its color every day. Black fungus came first like in the movies then White came. What was it then, the weather of fungus Indra Dhanush blossomed.

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Suddenly the Yellow Fungus came out. Now what do you know when, color can also be seen in a fungus-like peacock. We have accepted black fungus from our hearts! Because we are seeing the dominance of Black in our country since childhood. We have bought ration, gas, phones in black.

Now it has become a habit to buy oxygen, injections, medicines, hospital beds.. even liquor in black by eating sticks, standing in line in the scorching sun.

Hey brother! Black fungus is also respected in India and honorable according to culture. But right now no channel is known to say – First of all watch Violet fungus on our channel….Special report of our colleague Khoj Kumar from Jhumri Talaiya….

Not only is our channel, our Baba people are also one step ahead of Corona.

Right now Corona itself was confused that what is my variant, by the time that poor person could understand himself, quickly, Corona Vati brightened his market.
Right now the fungus could not recognize itself that what is its color….lo ji, every color fungus medicine is ready in the market.


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