After Conquering The Music Arena, Richa Gulati Is Ready For Big Screen


After Conquering The Music Arena, Richa Gulati Is Ready For Big Screen: Beauty, Brain, and Creativity in her Soul, actor Richa Gulati had her life planned to serve others by completing her education and becoming a doctor, but fate had different plans for her.

After Conquering The Music Arena, Richa Gulati Is Ready For Big Screen

The talented diva turned actress who had found immediate success with music videos, advertisements and modelling gigs, now plans for a big splash in movies and OTT platforms.

Talking about her journey, Richa said, “I was a little unaware of my own beauty. It took me sometime to properly channelize the attention, I was getting, and have a better outlook towards the things I was genetically blessed with.

I wanted to become a doctor, but I started to think that if I can only channelize my talent for acting along with my beauty, I could do a lot more. Hence, I started my journey in entertainment world.

My journey is like everyone else’s, the slog was real and success took its time to come, but it eventually came. My hard work, dedication and smart to pick right projects for myself, finally paid off and now I am ready for my next big step” added Richa.

Richa’s work resume is varied and perhaps a mile long. She has worked with music giants, such as ZEE Music, T-series and Venus. She has worked with famous brand designer Manish Malhotra, Asha Milani, Esha Kaul, and many more.

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Richa has marked her screen-presence in some of the single hits, such as Andher Raat, Black dot, Dillagi, Killer Look, Ainkaan Kaalian, Jab Jhumke, Pyar de Pange, Khanjar 2, Flame, Badami Rang, Aadtan and lot more.

Talking about making her transition to silver-screen and OTT world, Richa said, “See I have already worked down-south. Sivaranjani was my first Telugu movie. Now I am aiming for main stream cinema and OTT world.

I am working on a web-series, as digital is the way forward. Digital world is the future; they are marrying content with performance and commerce, all the things that I love in entertainment world. I will share the details about my project when the time is right, I think the official announcement will be out shortly”


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