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Conference on advanced fertility techniques and management of IVF pregnancies

The incidence of infertility is rising and so is the demand for its treatment. The success rates of treatments are improving, so more and more young doctors are willing to learn about it and contribute to women’s right to motherhood.  To keep up with this tradition and with an endeavor to train and impart knowledge, DrUmesh Nandani Jindal & her team from Jindal IVF & Sant Memorial Nursing Home, Chandigarh in association with Himachal chapter of Indian Fertility society organized a two day special conference at Solan (Forest Hills Resort).The seminar was attended by more than 100 leading Medical Practitioners, fertility specialists and scientists from across North India and included important discussions regarding basic to most advanced fertility techniques and management of IVF pregnancies as they require specialized care. Hands on training was given on a simulator by Dr. Swati Verma and Dr. Anupam Gupta from Jindal IVF, regarding how to catch eggs from the female and transfer of embryos in the uterus –  the most important step in IVF.

Infertility as a problem creates a lot of social, ethical and medico- legal issues, especially in India where it involves two families. Justice V.K. Gupta (Retd) discussed on these important issues with the Medical Practitioners.

Dr. Sheetal Jindal discussed the most advanced technique in IVF – pre implantation genetic screening and diagnosis for the couples who suffer from repeated IVF failures or have a genetic disorder in their family.

With most experienced experts gathered at one place, it proved to be an awesome learning experience for all.


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