Cookery Workshop organised by Grahshobha at City Beautiful


15062015-md-dl-3-57155-3-largeNewZNew (Chandigarh) : As Zee Khana Khazana Chef Sarita Khurana and Celebrity Chef Vaibhav Mahajan conduct cookery workshop organised by Grahshobha  in the city, they share about the healthy alternatives in food dailylife Writer

Be it fast internet or fast food, we want everything to be fast and instant. But have you ever pondered how this instant lifestyle has become a reason of many problems around us?

Zee Khana Khazana Chef Sarita Khurana and celebrity chef Vaibhav Mahajan were in Chandigarh on Sunday to conduct a cookery workshop for the city ladies, and to make them aware them about the healthy alternatives in food, and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Unhealthy and Unaware:

Chef Sarita describes, “In Chandigarh, I’ve observed that people are not much conscious about their health. For instance, knowing the fact that excess use of ‘maida’ is harmful for health, they continue to use it.”

She adds, “Second, all of us know about the debate of ajinomoto, but people don’t seem to be bothered about its adverse affects on heart and it continues to be an important ingredient in Chinese cuisine.”

Chef Sarita shares that it is very important to know about the food and its affects before we consume it.

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The Substitutes:

She shares that there are many substitutes that can be used to keep health in check. While explaining some of them, she shares, “We all know that people start their day with tea which we call bed tea. But tea is harmful for the body. So, the substitute which we can go for is 5 to 6 almonds soaked overnight in water to be consumed the next morning.”

She reveals that homemade natural smoothies and shakes are the second best option. “Instead of using noodles or Maggi, Vermicelli (Bambino) can be used as a healthy alternative.”

Chef’s Tips:

Also, chef Vaibhav shares some useful, healthy breakfast dishes and their benefits. He elaborates, “For an easy and healthy breakfast, a sweet corn sandwich with vegetables like broccoli, zucchini and bell pepper is very easy to make.”

He adds that sweet corn is something which acts as a strainer to remove all impurities from the blood. “Also, eating right means consuming healthy food and that too at the right time. It is not eating less or eating oil free as oils are also essential part of diet,” he says wrapping up.


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