Corolla Xli vs Suzuki Ciaz which to buy to get the best value for money


There is a large number of sedans in the market you can pick from, and Toyota Corolla XLI Cars have been one of top option for years. And more, not a while ago Suzuki introduced “Suzuki Ciaz” to compete with this and others. Here, we are trying to know which one of best value for money.


In the process of restyling, the sedan has a new grille, led optics of a new shape and a different bumper. Also, the changes affected the rear optics and doors, which appeared chrome handles. In addition, the color gamut Toyota Corolla 2018 replenished with three new shades. Car dimensions are as follows: Length-4 620 mm, Width-1775 mm, height-1465 mm, wheelbase-2700 mm. Clearance (road clearance) is 150 mm.

Suzuki Ciaz, the stylish car sedan is elegant sports. Smart keys, touchscreen audio integrated camera backward, high-level leather seats, 16-inch alloy wheels, 1.4 cc engines, 93 hp. The ingredients that are tweaked from detail, each of the way, the nose is only to be crisp to the incredibly scientific and neat engine layout. Ciaz is honored as the most widely furnished car model with a length of up to 2,650 mm. You can be completely comfortable with the Ciaz driver with 5 adults high about 1.8 m on the car, space horizontally and vertically of Ciaz are extremely large and airy. During the long journey, Ciaz will bring comfort to the entire passenger on a car from the car to passengers, especially the second seat row.

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Ciaz is not in a frail design too shiny sports, such as Honda City, or classical as Vios. Ciaz is currently the designer of Suzuki’s design in recent years: subtle, elegant timeless. Ciaz will be able to agree with you throughout the rest of your life, you will not feel outdated, always new experiences. For the more prominent: chromium plated grille, glass Halogen headlights, decorative tiles of chromium plated, and the handle of chrome plating, the trunk of a 16-inch alloy.

In the large size, the Suzuki Ciaz Cars have the largest size in the same B-Class sedan segment with (length x width x Height) Overall: 4490 x 1730 x 1475mm. Suzuki Ciaz is a combination of luxurious interior space, spacious facilities; The ability to operate wonderfully; Outstanding fuel savings; Along with it is a design style that shows the luxury, elegance, the exhibition of the owner, all of which are in a “true Sedan”.

Interior and specs:

Technical specifications, the new Toyota Corolla 2017-2018 retained the predecessor’s motor line. These are four types of aggregates: 1.3-, 1.6-and 1.8-liter petrol V4 with a capacity of 99 HP, 122 HP and 140 hp respectively. In other countries, the car is also available with a diesel volume of 1.4 L with a return of 90 horsepower. Motors work together with the mechanical gearbox or with variation. As standard, the sedan is equipped with front cushions, ABS system, Electric mirrors and heating, front windows and heated front seats. For more advanced equipment, the list of equipment is extended by side cushions, fog, audio system, full electrical package, as well as with Unkey access and a set of active security systems.

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With Ciaz, we have high-level equipment that in this segment, hard to stream which can get high-quality leather seats (Honda City is sweat) that create luxury sensations and sit incredibly comfortable with air holes. LCD touch, Radio combinations, Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI, USB, 6 loudspeakers, delivers incredibly enjoyable entertainment experience. The automatic cooling system quickly and to hand in both seats are extremely comfortable. Special Ciaz is booted with the incredibly handy button. Safety is the advantage, not too remarkable this part, but Suzuki Ciaz also had no inferior side with extremely impressive comfort equipment: ABS, EBD, three, two airbags. In addition, Ciaz is equipped with an extremely convenient Camera and anti-hugging system, superior to Vios and City. Learn more about Suzuki’s car programs and support at the popular Suzuki spectrum.

The powerplant K14B 1.4 VVT refined in combination with aerodynamic appearance and technology that reduces the weight of vehicles, which is the mix between motivation and performance, which brings interesting driving sensations. The suspension is adjusted to optimize the response, ensuring the ability to control vehicles combining hard car body to enhance stability when driving, noise reduction, vibration.


It depends on choice and preference, more it depends on regions and models. Toyota Corolla has been waving to impress for years and it is quite successful. But Suzuki Ciaz is a new player struggling to impress, we recommend Toyota’s option as it will return you a lot when you will think of reselling.

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