D P S, Panchkula organises event for the Grandparents of its students



NewZNew (Panchkula) : The School’s concern for the Grandparents of students studying in it amply, stood out when the Grand Fathers and Mothers attended the first meeting of the School’s ‘Chetna Club’, specially organised to provide some special moments for them. Two absorbing games played by the grandparents added much needed mirth and relaxation to the function.


The day ended, but not without the ‘oldies’ sharing some of their life’s experiences, followed by promises to meet each other at this forum on a regular basis. Capt. Sanjay Anand, SM, Principal, Doon Public School said, “The programme included lively songs and poems highlighting the contribution of grandparents in the families in which they live, as well as, the love and warmth that are lent in plenty by their presence.”

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